Our Ratings System

When we decided to start Bickering Book Reviews we knew we wanted our own ratings systems.  Our ratings system had to be able to represent us for the unique snowflakes that we are.

Please do not write comments about how it seems derivative from the test grading system in Harry Potter.  This is a thought we had way after the fact when it was much too late to change anything.

From the lowest ranking to the highest:

                           Troll: Because no one really likes a troll these are books that we just don’t like.  
                                          We can’t recommend them but we can’t stop you from reading them…we
                                          can just really strongly suggest that you don’t read them and obviously you
                                          trust our opinions or you would be reading this blog.

                  Goblin: Goblins can sometimes be useful and cute so these are the books that  
                                                not necessarily bad but we don’t love them.  We can see why they may  
                                                appeal to some people but we just can’t agree with them however we
                                                may judge them just a little.
                            Fairy: Fairies are tricky.  They are sparkly and magical and so appealing  
                                            however they can also lure you to the land of fairy and keep you trapped
                                            there.  These are the books that you like, you really do like them but there
                                            is just something that’s not quite good about them.

                   UnicornUnicorns are awesome.  We love unicorns.  They are almost one of
                                                     the best things ever.  Books that get this rating are awesome.  We
                                                     think everyone should read them.  They are truly a magical read.

                    Yeti: Yeti’s are mystical and rare.  They exist but you may live your entire life    
                                           without actually seeing one.  In our rating scale the Yeti is absolute best
                                           book of the year.  There can be only one yeti.  This honor may be given
                                           and taken away if another Yeti is found.

But that’s not all!  To make things a little more interesting (or depending on who your talking to more convoluted!) we added half steps.  Therefore,  a book that we really, really, really like but don’t love to receive the rating of 2 fairies. This rule applies to all the ratings except the Yeti because there can be only 1!

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