Happy Book Birthday to "The Long Game" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes!

There is this show on ABC called “Scandal” about the world of a political fixer.  I’ve tried to watch the show but never really been able to get into it.  Apparently, the only thing it was missing for me was a sassy teen heroine and a whole lot of aghast because I am addicted to Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ new Fixer series.  
The series is about Tess Kendrick who in the first novel (The Fixer) was plucked from her quiet life on a farm in Wyoming and placed in the middle the world of DC politics which Tess is getting an all access pass to because she is now being raised by one of the most notorious fixers in the Washington D.C..  Complicating Tess’s world even more is that she has just learned that her long lost grandfather is a major political player.  Tess is now navigating this new world while trying to make friends, reconnect with her family, and pass her classes at her fancy new prep school.  All the pieces of Tess’s new life collide in “The Long Game”, the delicious sequel to the “Fixer”.  

Tess has taken her role as a fixer at her elite private school seriously.  She and her ragtag group of friends work to right the wrongs for those students who don’t have the power to help themselves but when she gets drawn into her school’s class officer election she uncovers a conspiracy that even she may not be able to fix.  
I had high expectations of “The Long Game” based on “The Fixer” and Jennifer Lynn Barnes did not disappoint.  Everything about this book fit together perfectly: the characters, the mystery, and the conspiracy come together into one perfect storm that made this book a major page turner. Added to that is Tess an incredibly positive and strong young female character that you can’t help but root for “The Long Game” proved to be a book I couldn’t put down.
Final rating: Two Unicorns
A copy of this book was received through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  

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