Trending Now: Nerd Love!

Sarah’s says:

Nerd/Geek love, it’s kinda the best type of love out there. If fandom, cons, or cosplay enters the romance story it automatically wins brownie points. I recently read Leah Rea Miller’s newest Nerd, entitled, Romancing the Nerd.
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*I thought I had read both books, but it turns out I didn’t (and it didn’t matter).

The new book, Romancing, tells the love story of Dan and Zelda (with a name like this, she almost has to be a LARPing nerd). The two used to be friends, when they were younger, but as Dan grew older he grew hotter and more popular. Now, Dan plays on the basketball team and is surrounded by high school royalty. Zelda is still the same old nerd, who cosplays on the weekends and gets bullied by Dan’s new friends. She is sure that Dan has it out for her, especially after Dan chucks a basketball at her head (to be fair he was chucking it at his jerky teammate and it seriously missed). In attempt to exact revenge, Zelda plans to catfish Dan. She will expose him for the villain he is! Yet, Zelda may have it entirely wrong. Dan has a massive, like hearts in his eyes, crush on Zelda. Will these two nerds get their wiring right and figure out how to be together?

Welcome to the companion novel of The Summer. The second installment has different characters in the same world. You can read one without reading the other and still understand the story. Great fluffy read, rom-com in book form.

Becky says:

I agree with Sarah. Nerd love can make for the best books! A goofy romance that features a bespectacled boy that is misunderstood always makes me swoon.  My most recent endeavor into the land of nerd love was The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood.

I have to admit that I’m not sure if this was really a book about nerd love or if it was nerdy book about love.  Margot, Gottie, Oppenheimer has a problem.  It  is not the fact she has spent the last year in a depression fog because of her grandfather’s death.  Nor is it the fact that the boy she thought she loved is back and now has a new girlfriend.  Nor is her problem the fact that her childhood best friend, Thomas, is back after more than half a decade absence and he is now living just down that hall from her.  Nope, what Gottie big problem is that she keeps getting sucked into blackholes that allow her/make her relive important moments in her past.  Can Gottie heal her emotional wounds while trying to navigate time travel in time to find love with Thomas?

Hapgood’s first venture into the world of YA proved itself to have many swoon worthy moments between Gottie and Thomas that would make any reader root for their nerdy love.  I will admit I did get a little lost in all the physics and math trying to explain the time travel which did decrease the swoon factor just a bit.  However, the adorableness of Thomas and his middle of the night baking habit added to Gottie’s family drama makes Square Root a enjoyable nerd love read.

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