What to Read on the First Day of Summer

Today, the first official day of summer, I present you the perfect summer read.  A book chocked full of family drama, summer love, and friendship aghast.  However, before I delve further into the book I have to make a confession.  I am a huge fan of Morgan Matson.  I have been a fan of her since I first stumble across the newly released Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour.   I love how she perfectly balances family drama with teen romance.  I love how she is able to write strong female characters that juxtapose perfectly against dreamy male love interests.  I love how there is just a little bit of humor that adds a silver lining to dark cloud of family/friend/romance drama.  Matson’s newest foray into YA land is The Unexpected Everything delivers everything that makes Matson’s book stand out.  The book features the story of Andie who had her life all planned until her politician father finds himself in an unexpected scandal that derails all of Andie’s carefully designed plans.  And decides to take back control of her future with a new unexpected job that leads her to a new unexpected boy that may lead her to a new unexpected love.

First things first, this is a long book weighing in at a whooping 519 pages, it is quite hefty.  However, the bulk is not felt in the narrative.  Andy’s story zips across the page; her life changes move so quickly that you have finished the book before you even notice the length.  The story is engaging because Andie and her friends are engaging.  You will like Andie and you will like her friends and, more importantly you will like Clark, Andie’s summer fling that may actually become more.  Their stories are the of classic summer teen novels.  They question their relationships, their futures, and their loves all while being adorably funny.  It is a book of summer loves and betrayals as well as summer jobs and personal growth.  It is the kind of books that you want just a little more because you know these character should get to live on longer.   All of that is why it is a book I highly recommend to anyone looking a fun, fast teen drama filled with great characters and a swoony romance.
Final Rating: One Unicorn    

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