Ye Olde Summertime

Many people dream of running away and joining the circus. I have always wanted to run away and join the renaissance faire circuit. The lords, the ladies, the comedy shows, the elaborate braids, and deep fried Oreos, all called out to me. Until, I thought about the lack of indoor plumbing and the lack of air conditioning.


Laura Wettersten’s novel, My Faire Lady, follows Rowena to the ren faire. Ro figures that anything is better than dealing with her cheating ex and his girlfriend. Since she is an excellent artist, she takes those skills to the faire and becomes the resident face painter, oh and serving wench. Rowena meets great new people, who live life in a unique way. Also, Rowena is surrounded by hot ren men, which turns into a bigger set of dramatic circumstances than catching her ex cheating. This is a perfect summer breezy read. Welcome to romantic comedy in book form. The renaissance faire setting provides an atypical read, yet it totally provides everything you could want.

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