Cross Country Road Trip in Books:Day 2, Alabama and Mississippi

Day 2
The states are getting hotter, but we are having a great time seeing all that different places have to offer. Today’s books turn more historical, but are just as good. 

We’ve Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March by Cynthia Levinson

While the south is historically rich, Alabama was at the center of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. In honor of the those events and the teens who positively impacted the future of our country, I have highlighted this nonfiction book about the important role children and teens played. Teens set themselves up to oppose unfair laws and be sent to jail. Many spent weeks in jail during the summer. (I am from Ohio and my definition of heat does not even touch what they got going on in the south.) I have a new and better appreciation for what these teens did after personally experiencing southern heat. The idea of waiting around in jailhouses, barns, or fair grounds without air conditioning and in the sun, further cements the need and work of these protesters. Teens of the past were deeply involved in political and social issues. No matter your age, you can make a difference in society.


Revolution by Deborah Wiles
Revolution is the second book in a series, but it is totally acceptable to read out of order. In fact, I would consider this more of a companion novel than second in a series.

During the summer of 1964, Sunny’s small Mississippi town is turned upside down, when all public places are forced to integrate. Places like the movie theater and public pool become battle grounds and Sunny, a young white girl, is confused by the violence. She begins her journey to understanding what is unfair in her town and why the black people are fighting so passionately for true equality. This is a great audiobook, perfect for when your road trip friends can’t agree on a radio station. The author includes songs, speeches, and quotes from important figures of the time. Once you read this one, you are going to have to read Countdown, the other book in the series.

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