Need A Good Ugly Cry? Try A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I am in the mood for an ugly cry. Sobbing through the Me Before You movie, for the second time, has proven how cathartic it can be. While the movie did its job, I think books give me the feels more often than movies.  A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness was the most recent book to bring me to tears.


Connor’s mother is battling cancer. His father has moved on and started a new family. His grandmother does not understand what it is like to be a child and simply does not get along with Connor. With extreme bullying at school, no friends, and no family other than his mother, Connor is desperate to save his mother. He sends a call out into the universe, and a monster, in the form of a Yew tree, answers Connor it. The monster is determined to help Connor find his own personal truth. This novel stands up and faces grief. Connor’s journey is not one that a reader can get through unscathed. It forces Connor and the reader to experience the darkest parts of life. Keep your tissues close by.

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