If you like Pokemon Go then try these reads

After traveling all day in search of Pokemon and Pokestops, my phone died. After getting over the sudden fury of not being able to catch that Cubone, I decided that I needed to find solace in books. If you are experiencing phone death or server failure (WHY!?), here are some great books to read while waiting. Pokemon may be all nice and cute, but the monsters you find in these books may be a bit more angry and violent. Teehee.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)This book is an oldie but goodie and it was written by a teen. Eragon finds what he assumes is a valuable blue gem. He hopes to sell it to get money for his impoverished family. However, the blue egg turns out to be a dragon egg. Eragon is forced into the world of dragon riders. He must train to become a great dragon rider and use the magic that comes with it. There are forces of evil in the world, who will stop at nothing to control Eragon and his dragon.

Rating: 2 Unicorns

The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathon Stroud

334123So this is not my favorite Stroud novel, but you can find on many other people’s favorites shelves and on lists. Magicians in this world have control over demons, once they draw the written magical circle and provide the right incantation. Nathaniel is learning to become a magician and wants to learn as much as possible as soon as possible. After being slighted by his teacher, Nathaniel begins teaching himself magic, so that he can exact revenge upon his teacher. Enter Bartimaeus. Nathaniel sends Bartimaeus, a high level demon, to do his bidding. Bartimaeus fights back at every turn, but the two are soon forced into a war that is far beyond their skill-set. It is a fun adventurous novel and is what Pokemon would be if the world was filled with Team Rocket.
Rating: 2 Fairies

Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong
Twins Moria and Ashyn protect their community by keeping the restless spirits at bay. However, the spirits have gotten stronger and there are a few mythological creatures that have joined them. The twins must tell the capital and find each other, so that they can save their world. These twins search through the tall grass for ghosts…it’s creepy like that Pokemon Tower in Pokemon Yellow. This book was creepy but not gory, so it worked for me.

Rating: 1 Unicorn

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

24780Pig keepers may be stupid, but they are pretty brave. The oracle pig escapes from Taran’s home. As a committed pig keeper, Taran follows the pig and meets up with different quirky royals. This fun novel explores how important even the lowliest of servants can be. Ash Ketchum would totally lose the oracle pig and would require Misty and Brock’s help finding it. 

Rating: Two Unicorns

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