A Little Romance: Part I

I have to start this post with a little confession.  I have a serious book requesting problem. Hello, my name is Becky and I am a requestaholic.  I think that I may blackout request book.  Almost everyday I find books on the pick-up shelf that I don’t remember requesting.  This troubling habit is how I ended up with twelve YA romance books checked-out.  That is twelve books about finding love with a cute dreamboat of a boy.  I feel that I have a duty to read all of these books and share my opinion with you.  So here is my first batch of YA romances reviews.

Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein
What’s It About: June is an alternative kind of girl who doesn’t like to join the crowd.  Oliver is the popular football star that is the center of the crowd.  When the two are forced to spend their morning commute together their clashing opinions turn into attraction that may morph into love.

The Romance: This was definietly a fun rom-com kind of book.  The relationship between June and Oliver was delightfully flirty and Oliver was the perfect swoon worthy boy.  Their relationship evolves slowly, this is not a case of insta-love, and that is greatly appreciated by this reader.  Also, Klein may flirt with a couple of love triangles but all romance geometry is resolves quickly and never gets close to some old boring drama.

Bottom Line: This is a quick read.  The story is cute and quirky.  There were moments of swoon-worthy flirting or smooching paired with laugh out loud humor.  It was a perfect summer romance beach read that I would highly recommend.

Final Rating: One Unicorn

Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods
What’s It About: Wilamena Carlise lives her life according to her astrological chart.  She knows she will meet her true love in the next month and that he will be a Sagittarius.  It’s written in the stars.  Everything is going just as planned when she meets a boy with the perfect birthdate until she starts to fall for a different boy who was born under the wrong sign.

The Romance: I’m very conflicted about this one.  Wilamena has two very different romances.  She has one with Seth that just didn’t work for me and another with Grant that did have a few swoon worthy moments but nothing that really made it awesome.  Plus the whole book is based on a love triangle  that felt a little forced and I just didn’t really connect with either of the boys.

Bottom Line: I wanted to love this book.  Wilamena is should be an adorkably originally character however she just felt a little too quirky.  She didn’t come across as real.  Her love interests were also a mixed bag.  For this kind of story to work the reader has to really be conflicted between the two possible love interests.  I just never got there.  I really like Grant but I found Seth kind of meh.  Added to the fact that Wilamena’s need to let the stars make all of her decisions that book wore really thin really fast.

Final Rating: One Fairy

Smash and Grab by Amy Christine Parker
What’s It About: Lexi is a rich girl who’s dad has just been arrested as part of a financial scandal. Christian is a criminal from the wrong side of the tracks.  When their paths keep crossing the two must team up for a bank heist to try to save Lexi’s father and protect Christian’s sister.

The Romance:  This book was not advertised as a romance…I just inferred.  I inferred very wrong.  The two do not really start to interact on a romantic level for until 2/3 of the way through the book.  I didn’t really feel a spark or any chemistry in the stilted flirting and the smooches were more yawn than smolder.

Bottom Line:  This is a book about a bank heist that somehow managed to be boring.  It moved really slow and the characters were dull.  The whole book had a slight beige aspect that just didn’t appeal to me.  I’m sure that there is someone somewhere that will love this book but it is just not me.

Final Rating: Two Goblins

I received a copy of “Smash and Grab” through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

If none of these summer loves strike your fancy check back later in the week when I post my next batch of YA romance reviews.

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