What’s Your Sign?: Leo’s Books

Happy July 23rd!  Today marks the first day in the Zodiac sign Leo.  We at Bickering Books thought it would be fun to compile a list of books that best illustrate the traits of lion-y friends.  First, let’s recap all that makes Leo’s special for anyone who may not be familiar with friends born between July 23-August 22.  Leo’s are fun, adventurous, creative, passionate, cheerful, and humorous but they can also be vain, controlling, and arrogant.

Without any farther adieu here is the list of books that I feel represent this complicated sign:

Just One Day/Just One Year by Gaye Forman
Forman hit it out of the park with this duology.  The “If I Stay” author followed up her beloved YA series with the story of Allyson a sheltered girl from United States who meet Willem while on a student tour.  The two have an immediate connection and spent a perfect day and night together.  The next morning Willem has disappeared. Just One Day follows Allyson as she returns home to attend college but can’t forget Willem and embarks on a journey to find him.  Just One Year tells Willem’s story including why his disappeared and how he tried to get over the mysterious American who’s name he never even learned.  If you gets as enthralled with all this young love as I did Forman took pity on her readers and created an extra e-book that ties up the story with a perfect happily ever after entitled Just One Night. 

Leo Traits: Both Allyson and Willem go on adventures that take them around the world.  Willem is an actor which make him creative and he is extremely passionate (in particular about Allyson).  Plus, let’s be honest, Willem came off as just a wee bit vain.  I still loved him but there was a vanity about him.

Final Rating: One Unicorn

Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg
Eilberg is one of my favorites for straight up YA realistic fiction.  This one takes place at a performing arts high school in New York City.  The students are all studying to become performers.  The cast of characters include an inspiring songwriter, a wannabe singer, and a soap star trying to perfect his acting chops.  Of course there is a who lot of drama and maybe a little bit of a love triangle.

Leo Traits: This one is all about being creative.  All of the characters are striving to make careers in the arts field.  Also, there is a wee bit of vanity and more than just a dash of arrogance.

Final Rating: One Unicorn

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
I have basically already admitted to the fact that I have a little bit of a girl crush on Morgan Matson and this is the book that started it.  The story of Amy who’s mother is moving their family across the country from California to Connecticut after Amy’s father was killed in a car accident.  Amy is terrified of driving but her mother expects her to drive the family’s jeep across the country.  How will she ever do that?  Enter Roger!  Amy’s former childhood acquaintance that turns their bland road trip into an adventure and just maybe the boy who will save her heart.  This is one of my favorites and it just keeps getting better every time I read it.

Leo Traits: Amy is creative.  She performs in musicals.  Also, throughout the whole book Roger invents stories about great adventures.  Plus, Roger is cheerful.  He is one of the most optimistic and cheer characters in YA books.

Final Rating: Two Unions

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
Vee is an average girl until she get involved with an online game involving having to complete dares.  Vee teams up with Ian and together they gain fans and earn riches until the game turns dark and the dares become dangerous.  I read this one before there was a movie and I hope the movie is better than the book. I just never warmed up to Vee and all the twist and turns felt a little obvious to me however the movie looks cool and the basic concept of the book was interesting so I have my fingers crossed for an awesome movie.

Leo Traits: Vee and Ian are on an adventure filled with dangerous dares.  Plus, there are quite a few characters that come off as arrogant and vain and the entire story is about the game which is controlling them.

Final Rating: Two Goblins

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