A Little Romance: Part III

My latest batch of YA romance wonderment is a mixed bag.  This time I have a classic good girl/bad boy mix up, a best friend longing for his his unrequited love, and girl finding love while trying to find her place in the world.

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen
What’s it About: Good girl Taylor Simmons wakes up in bad with known player Evan McKinley and neither of them can remember how they ended up together.  Taylor decides to just forget the entire night until she becomes the most popular bit of news for the gossip mill.  Taylor has only one solution to save her reputation: she and Evan will become the perfect couple.

The Romance: From the first page Taylor and Evan are all about the flirty fun.  Laid back surfer boy
Evan is the perfect foil for Taylor and her type-A antics.  Evan flirts and jokes his way into the heart of the reader just as he wins over Taylor.  They have their drama (Evan has a friends with benefits situation and Taylor has a friend who may want benefits) but in the end the reader will root for them to end up together.

Bottom Line: I admit that I love overly complicated stories where all the pieces wind together to make a great reveal however there is something I truly enjoy about a simple story that doesn’t require a lot of mental heavy lifting.  This is one of those fun romances that is perfect for a rainy day.  There isn’t any hidden subtext or deeper meaning.  It’s just a fun love story.

Final Rating: Two Fairies  

The Geeks Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash
What’s it About: Graham is unabashedly in love with his best friend Roxana.  He loves her with his whole fanboy heart and has designed the ultimate declaration of love at New York Comic Con.  But when the two go to the convention Roxy meets someone new and Graham may miss out on his chance at her love.

The Romance: This is a book more about longing than love.  Graham has been pining for his next
door neighbor and best friend for years and he never quite gets up the courage to tell her.  Instead of telling a love story Tash tells the story of unrequited love.

Bottomline: I had a basic problem with this book.  I didn’t like Roxana.  Several times while I was reading this book I wondered…why.  Why does Graham care about this girl.  He is a smart boy who is funny and, based on he reactions of other girl, at least a little good looking.  He could do better than a girl that comes off as selfish and self centered.  Basically, the who premise of the story just didn’t quite work for me however I did appreciate the nerdy comic con elements.

Final Rating: One Fairy

Summer in the Invisible City by Juliana Romano
What’s it About: Sadie Bell is trying to decide who she is.  Is she the daughter of famous author Alan Bell even though she never sees him?  Is she a photographer?  Is she a best friend? Is she in love with Noah or is she falling in love with Sam?

The Romance: Everything about the marketing of this book advertised romance.  The cover portrays
a fun, flirty romance and the description on the book jacket highlights Sadie’s relationship with Sam.  But this book didn’t feel like a romance.  It was way more about a loss girl trying to discover her identity.  The story may look like a romance but there was just the slightest glimpses of a love story.

Bottomline: The problem is that I just didn’t connect with Sadie.  There was something very disconnected between the story and it’s narrator and this disconnection created a disconnection between the reader and the book.

Final Rating: Two Goblins

That’s all I have for today.  If you still haven’t found the love story you’re looking for check back later this week for the my last batch of YA Romances.

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