A Little Romance: Part IV

Hi All!  I would like to now present you my final batch YA romances from my month long journey into young love.

A Season for Fireflies by Rebecca Maizel

What’s it About: Penny Berne used to be the center of attention.  She was always the star of the play and the life of the party.  But when Penny’s family begins to crumble she pulls away from her perfect life.  Now, a year later Penny has a new life with new friends but when she’s an accident that causes her to lose all memory of the past year Penny begins to learn who she really is.

The Romance: In the beginning Penny and her BFF Wes have a flirty longing thing going on that never actually comes to be.  However, Penny’s feelings are revisited when she loses her memory.  Wes is very adorable in that boy next door kind of way but I found the will-they-won’t-they a little frustrating.

Bottomline: I love a good amnesia story but I just didn’t really feel it with this one.  I never really warmed up to Penny and her family drama.  I just couldn’t make myself care.  I enjoyed the moments with Wes but they felt too few and far between.  This was a short book (256 pages) and I think my have done better with a few more chapters of character development.

Final Rating: One Fairy

Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes

What’s it About: Maguire is cursed.  Her father, uncle and brother were killed in a car accident.  An accident that Maguire survived without a scratch.  Then there was the roller coaster accident when Maguire’s car went off the track and everyone was injured but her.  Next, was the food poisoning at a slumber party.  Then there was the time she left a candle lit and the neighbors house burned down.  Maguire doesn’t want to hurt anyone ever again so she isolates herself from the world until she meets Jordy and she can’t hide anymore.

The Romance: Oh, I liked this book so much!  Maguire and Jordy were perfect.  They just about sizzled on the page.  I loved all their flirty conversations and their adorable therapy homework outings.  This is definitely one of my favorite teen romances.

Bottomline: I always appreciate a book that surprises me and this one definitely surprised me.  This is a story about a girl with a lot of issues which usually leads to an annoying whining main character however Stokes managed to avoid that trap.  The characters are not only realistic but likable.  The story is engaging and entertaining.  Plus, the romance is wonderfully swoon.  I highly recommend it.

Final Rating: One Unicorn

What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle

What’s it About: Ari Logan is dealing with depression.  She feels like she lives in a dark hole and one of the only sources of light is Camden Armstrong a boy that she loved from afar.  This summer everything is changing.  Her family is fall apart, her best friend is leaving, and she is dating Camden Armstrong.

The Romance: This one just didn’t work for me.  I never really connected with Ari or Camden and their relationship felt iffy.

Bottomline: I was disappointed by this book.  I was fan of Castle’s previous work and “What Happens Now” just kind of fell flat for me.  I didn’t really care about Ari or Camden or their issues or their friends or their friend’s issues or their families’ or their families’ issues.  The whole thing just felt forced.  I will keep reading Castle’s books because she does have an unique voice that have previously enjoyed but “What Happens Now” definitely lowers my future expectations.

Final Rating: One Fairy

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