Review: Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

Anyone who follow us on Twitter(@bickeringbooks) knows that I have become slightly obsessed with The Beauty of Darkness and here is why.

Author, Mary E. Pearson, has created a saga filled with adventure, palace intrigue, and romance that is literally impossible to stop reading.  The Beauty of Darkness picks up where The Heart of Betrayal ended. Lia and Rafe have just escaped their Vendan captors. Now, they must make their way to Rafe’s kingdom.  They are accompanied by just a few of Rafe’s men as they travel through a dangerous no man’s land.  Their journey is greater complicated by  Lia’s life threatening injuries.  Will they survive?  Will the Vendan army invade both their kingdoms? Will Lia’s family forgive her betrayal? Will Lia and Rafe finally get their happily ever after?

Oh, how I loved this book! Before I start to pontificate about the wonders of this novel I have to address the elephant in the room…this book is long.  Seriously long, not for the faint of heart long, this puppy weighs in at 688 pages.  I know that sounds scary. But have no fear this is not a long overwritten, overwrought slow moving slog.  Pearson uses her words to create an incredibly vivid world.  You will be able to visualize the caps, castles, and armies.   This is a novel that defines showing and not tell in it’s writing.  Oh, and how we are shown!  We are quickly shown what a good man Rafe will grow into.  We are shown how strong the relationship between Lia and her brother and Rafe and his men/friends is.  We are shown in sizzling details how great the love between Lia and Rafe could be if only they have a chance.  But most importantly we are shown how strong and powerful a woman Lia is.  She is a fierce warrior, a strong noble, a good friend, a grand protector, and great love.

Pearson concluded her Remnant Chronicles with a perfectly satisfying ending.  Every character, from Kaden to Gris, get a perfect realistic ending.  There are no forced happy endings (even if one does have a slightly rushed feelings), some characters are injured, some characters die, some characters end in an unexpected place, and some characters get a happy ending but fans of the series get a satisfying conclusion.

Final Rating: Two Unicorns

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