Reading Decathlon: Going for Gold

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

Epic Reads has given the challenge of a Reading Decathlon. You can see all of the rules and regulations on the Epic Reads page.  In order to reach the gold medal, one must read ten books in ten days. I have taken on this perilous task.

Will it be difficult? Yes!
Will it strain my eyes? Yes!
Will it separate the book nerds from the weak? Of course!

I have decided to provide reviews for all of the books I am reading for the decathlon (wow, am I really learning how to spell decathlon). These books may be good, bad, or ugly (one has an enormous amount of mysterious substances on it, I will be taking out of our library system as a result. Out, out darned gross book!) This blog will be a work in progress for the next 10 days, so definitely check back.

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Visions Series by Lisa McMann.
Just passing it along, but McMann is super cool and totally kicking on Twitter. I tweeted at her a few times/Twitter stalked, no biggie, right…right! Anyway, she responded and is super sweet. This series is a powerhouse that continues as it goes. I totally recommend the whole thing. Also, stay tuned because we are going to vlog about this series. I will include the link when it is ready.

131463121. Crash- Jules lives above her family’s pizza shop and her entire life revolves around this family business. She even smells like pizza! Her family’s business is in a long standing feud with another pizza shop. However, Jules has always had a crush on Sawyer, one of the family members. Jules begins having a vision of a deadly car crash, and somehow Sawyer factors into it. Jules will have to go against her family’s wishes and her better judgement to stop the vision from coming true.
I love this book. It is fast paced, perfect length (not too much, but not too little), Jules is sarcastic and funny, I absolutely love her siblings, and this is a great concept.

2. Bang-This novel picks up where Crash left off. Sawyer is now experiencing visions and Jules thinks she gave him her disease. Everywhere he turns, Sawyer is assaulted by horrifying images of a school shooting. Can Jules and Sawyer work together to stop this vision from coming true?

This novel was just as good as the first. It has all of the same awesomeness as the first novel, but doesn’t feel redundant.

186216513. Gasp– Jules and crew have become experts at this vision thing and Jules decides she wants to seek out the next person with visions. She hopes to help that new person stop the vision from happening. However, Jules is faced with more obstacles with this vision than ever before. These visions are becoming more and more out of control.

Loved this book. I am at a good place with the ending and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Series rating: One Unicorn

3475704. Confessions of a Teen Nanny by Victoria Ashton- Adrienne takes a nanny job for a wealthy family. She is in charge of eight year old Emma, but begins to be swept away by Emma’s older sister, Cameron. Adrienne is blinded by the money she is earning and the nice kick backs she gets from being around a rich family. Cameron begins to take Adrienne under her wing, showing the “poor” girl cool nightclubs and expanding her wardrobe. However, Cameron’s intentions may not be as pure as they seem. Can Adrienne survive the other half?

Yuck! I am totally tired of the plight of the upper middle class teen trying to climb the social ladder. The back biting, the deception, the facades, I am bored with it. I don’t like interacting with people like that, so why would I want to read about them? Cameron’s intentions and motivations were obvious and since Adrienne couldn’t see it, she is certainly dumber than the author wants her to be.

Rating: One Goblin

252462535. This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup- Jasmine Torres is having an epically bad day. Not in the tongue and check kind of way, where it all works out in the end. No, she is having a bad day. Jasmine is a budding radio DJ she is supposed to go on a special field trip to the local famous morning radio show. However, when getting a ride from her boyfriend she catches him cheating, and then her seven year old brother, Danny has a massive seizure. Jasmine puts her life on hold to take care of her little brother, because her mother is a barely functional alcoholic. All Jasmine wants is for her brother to be healthy and for the ability to land an internship that will create the foundation for her DJ career. When Jasmine meets Wes, a nice, great guy, who also has epilepsy, she begins to see hope for her future and Danny’s.

As I began reading this book something irked me every time Jasmine and Wes would talk. I soon realized it was because they both annoyed me, Wes supremely so. I just wanted him to stop talking, especially to her because it just didn’t fit right. I feel that this is not a good sign for the book, considering Wes is the major flirtation in the book. Then as the novel furthered delved into the who DJ scene, I felt that it was clunky and needed better polishing. The author is a strong proponent for epilepsy awareness, and this piece of the book felt well developed. The story as a whole just didn’t work for me.

Rating: One Goblin

6. Fostergirls by Liane Shaw
7. King of the Screwups by K.L. Going
8. I Know It’s Over by C.K. Kelly Martin
9. Finding Paris by Joy Preble
10. Day of Tears by Julius Lester

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