What’s Your Sign?: Virgo books

I am a day early for kicking off the Virgo star sign, hopefully the strong Leos won’t be too upset. Anyone born between August 23rd and September 22nd is Virgo, the virginal sign. Virgos are your logical thinkers, who are practical and hard working. While, Leos may be outgoing and outspoken, Virgos can be quiet modest worriers. Yet Virgos are the observant, intelligent friends and they know what they want with goals on how to get there.

Positive Traits 
Negative Traits
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Katherine’s are Colin’s tragic flaw. He has met and become romantically entangled with several Katherines, but all have ended in heart break. To move past his Katherine issues, Colin and his best friend, Hassan, take a road trip. Colin develops a theory about relationships and sets off to prove it.
Final Rating: One Unicorn
Virgo Traits: Like all Green novels, Abundance is witty and funny. Green/Colin offer actual formulas related to the Katherine issue, which could only be developed through intense observations. Also, Colin’s intensely intelligent self can seem cold and inflexible at times, but the road trip works to shake that up.

22205This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
(excerpt from my Goodreads page)
Remy the ice queen meets her match with Dexter the walking mess. Remy’s unemotional view of relationships allows her to plan the trajectory of all of her relationships, until Dexter. He is everything she doesn’t want, but she gives him a try. Her plans for a no strings attached quick summer fling do not mesh with Dexter’s idea of the relationship. Is it possible that Remy’s views on love will change? Is Dexter the exception?  

Final Rating: One Fairy

Virgo Traits: Remy is the embodiment of the controlled Virgo (to the extreme). She has goals and plans. She can’t stand her mother’s messy unpredictable life, but sometimes the best experiences stem from irregularities in life (enter Dexter).

It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick
(excerpt from my Goodreads page) 
Caitlin is to keep her teen celeb cousin (think Jennifer Lawrence mixed with Kristin Stewart) sober and out of trouble. Caitlin believes it is a test from God and decides to go along. Turns out they both influence each other. Caitlin attends premier events and meets her cousin’s hot co-stars (random funny love triangle ensues). Throw in a Make-A-Wish child and you have this surprisingly awesome book.

This book is an interesting connection between a rigid Christian girl and her out of control teen starlet cousin. While the main Christian character is totally not believable, the book is funny and quirky. At first I didn’t think I was going to like it, but the ridiculousness of plot events still gets me to laugh. 
Final Rating: One Unicorn

Virgo Traits: Caitlin is your stereotypical type A rule follower. She is like the perfect child and obviously the person you want role modelling for the out of control rebel child. Especially, because she can’t stand unpredictability and risk taking. 

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