Favorite TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It) Books

My favorite genre involves the end of the world, or TEOTWAWKI. I tend to work through different doomsday scenarios in my head. I have decided that I have no chance against zombies, but I might get lucky if there is a natural disaster or pandemic. I plan on investing in alcohol, which will obviously become the best items to trade with–cuz people need their booze. I will find someone who is good at hunting, cuz like food and protection and stuff. Then it will be time to batten down the hatches, or find a location that can be easily protected. Okay, so I am not as prepared for the end of the world as I would have hoped, but that won’t stop me from enjoying these very fictitious scenarios.

213753Life  As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
An meteor hits the moon and throws the world out of whack. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic ash make life on planet nearly impossible. While many people die as a result of this disaster, Miranda’s family works to adapt to their new existence. How long can Miranda and her family stay safe and alive.

This is the most realistic teotwawki I have read. It is scary good. Also, it is the first in the series. I did love the entire series, except the last book went a bit off of the rails.

Rating: Yeti 

Armada by Ernest Cline
(excerpt taken from my goodreads page)
16278318Gaahh! Aliens!
Turns out video games have been prepping us for war against aliens. The top scoring game players are our best chance at saving our world. Zach Lightman is the unlikely hero, who kicks butt on video games and is our only hope at surviving. Set in a futuristic society, this novel works in true Ernest Cline fashion. Another solid geek-tacular book.

While this book is considered an adult book, Zach is still a teen. Plus, it is like the modernized version of Ender’s Game. I love a good end of the world book, where humans have a chance-not a good one, but a chance.

Rating: One unicorn 

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown
15845648Tornado hits a town in Missouri and girl must live through the destruction it has caused in her life. This novel feels like a teotwawki book, which will be great for the fantasy/sci-fi readers. However, the main character has to go through alot of crap, so prepare yourself.

This is not specifically an end of the world book, but it sure feels like it. Jesery’s entire life changes after a tornado rocks her town. Plus, she must combat a world where all creature comforts are missing, like electricty. Not only does this fit with all of the other Jennifer Brown novels, making it a great realistic fiction book, but its desolate landscape appeals to a wider audience. It is good on the same standard as her other novels. 

Rating: Two Unicorns

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