Favorite Shojo Manga

I have a special place in my heart for shojo manga. Now, you may ask, what is shojo manga? Well friends, it is Japanese graphic novels created with the intention of appealing to female readers. They are girly reads, but the best. This genre typically includes a romantic twist. Here are my top three shojo series books, thus far.

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya 
Tohru is an orphan living in a tent, because she doesn’t want to be a burden. However, all that changes when the boys of the Sohma family decide to take her in. Tohru must be careful in their house because of an ancient family curse. Whenever someone of the opposite sex hugs a member of the Sohma family, they turn into their corresponding identity in the Chinese Zodiac. Hilarious hijinks ensue. I had a great time trying to figure out which member of the family was which Zodiac animal.

Rating: Two Unicorns

Kodocha by Miho Obana
Sana is a popular child star and is used to being beloved by all. Sana is the epitome of positivity, until faced with the bully to end all bullies, Hayama. This bully makes life difficult on the teachers and students around him. However, he is probably one of the smartest boys around. Not only that, but he is committed to his martial arts and can be loyal when given a reason. Does Sana have the persistence and happy-go-lucky nature, to tame the monkey king? This is a super cute series that will have you rolling with laughter. Also, there are some pretty over-the-top dramatic moments that make this series my favorite.

Rating: Yeti

Arisa by Natsumi Ando
This series follows the lives of twin sisters, Arisa and Tsubasa. The two were separated by their parents’ divorce when they were young. Arisa is bullied at school to the point of attempting to commit suicide. While her sister is in a coma, Tsubasa fills in for her sister at school, so that she can get some answers as to why her twin would take such a drastic action. Tsubasa will do whatever she can to help her sister. There are two key romantic interests in this series, so be prepared for some heart pinching romantic looks across the school room.

Rating: Two Unicorns

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