What’s Your Sign: Libra Books

Happy September everyone!  It is once again time for our monthly list of books that go perfectly with your sign.  This time were look at the sign Libra.  If your birthday falls between September 22 and October 23 you were born under the sign known for hospitality, flirtatious, unreliable, romantic, and being just.  And now for the books…

Season of You and Me by Robin Constantine
From my Goodreads…Cassidy has exiled herself to her father’s house to escape the scandal of her cheating boyfriend. Bryan is trying to rebuild his life after an accident that left him paralyzed. The two meet and quickly become friends however as they spend the summer together their friendship begins to become something more. I love Constantine’s books.  Her character’s are the perfect blend of angst and realistic.  They have major family drama but it’s the kind that you believe.  Plus, she knows how to write a crush worthy boy. 

Libra Trait: Cassidy works at there family’s bed and breakfast that right there is might hospitable.  
Final Rating: One Unicorn

Biggest Flirt by Jennifer Echols
Tia likes to flirt.  She especially likes to flirt with new student Will.  They’re flirtation is perfect until they are named the school’s Biggest Flirt and their reputations take a bruising.  The two decide to pretend to be a couple to try to redeem their reps.  But the more time they spend together their flirtation begins to turn to love.  Jennifer Echols’ books are perfect if your looking for a fun romance. It’s quick and filled with swoony moments which makes it the perfect rainy day or beach book.

Libra Trait: The book is called “Biggest Flirt” this one is all about flirtation.
Final Rating: One Fairy

Between by Jennifer Warman
Elizabeth Valchar wakes up on the morning of her eighteenth birthday alone on her family’s yacht.  As she searching for anyone else on board she finds a body floating in the water…her body.  Now Elizabeth must relive moments in her life as try to remember how she went to popular, track star to the victims in a murder investigation. Oh, this book is a twisty mystery and Warman expertly doles out the clues to Elizabeth’s past in tiny delicious morsels.

Libra Trait: Elizabeth is the perfect unreliable narrator which fits into the unreliable category.
Final Rating: One Unicorn

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Samantha’s life is almost perfect the only blight being the Garretts.  The Garretts are Samantha’s neighbors who have too many children and are too loud and who don’t take care of their lawns.  Samantha’s mother has always avoided the Garretts but Samantha’s has always been fascinated by them going as far as watching them in secret.  Then one night Jace Garrett climbs up to Samantha’s window and her whole world begins to change.  I loved this book.  It is one of those teen romance books that you can’t put down.  Every aspect of this book clicks together for the perfect romantic read.

Libra Trait: This book is chocked full of romance.
Final Rating: One Unicorn

The Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington
Violet Eden is having a horrible 17th birthday.  She just found out that her best friend/boy she loves is lying to her, she is having strange dreams that leave her injured and she may not actually be completely human. Violet must solve the mysteries of heritage to save herself and maybe the world.  There were a lot of angel books that were all released at the same time and Shirvington’s was my favorite.  The five books in the series (Embrace, Entice, Emblaze, Endless, and Empower) are a wonderful blend of action, romance, and teen aghast.  Shirvington wrote a female character with self doubt and insecurities who is also able to save the world and finding love.  I do have a warning though when you start this series there is a chance you may get addicted and lose a week of you life as you devour the series.

Libra Trait: All angel books are about find balance and justice and Violet is all about balance and justice.
Final Rating: Two Unicorns for the whole series.

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