Teen Romance Books with a Male Perspective

There are so many romance novels out there told from the female perspective, but I think it is time to give kudos to the guys. Here are some great romance novels told from a male perspective.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

(excerpt taken from my Goodreads account)
15745753Eleanor begins the school year at a new school. She doesn’t know anyone, and other kids pick on her because of her weight, the clothes she wears, and her red hair. Park is the first person to give Eleanor a chance and allows her to sit with him on the bus. At first, he thinks she is overwhelmingly weird, but his feelings soon change. The two get caught up in a first love relationship thing. However, Eleanor doesn’t have a great home life. In fact, her step father is abusive and uses all of the family’s money on alcohol (or other selfish needs). Tensions that stem from Eleanor’s home life, put pressure on the budding relationship. 

The book jumps from Park thinking Eleanor is crazy/weird to him needing her (there needed to be more development in how their relationship became romantic). I liked the book well enough. Some of the things Park says and the way he acts are just totally sweet. There were just somethings in this novel that I would like to see tightened up.

Rating: One Unicorn

Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride

(excerpt taken from my Goodreads account)
8041873 Sam is working his dead-end fast food job and skateboarding on the side, instead of going to college. He has resigned himself to a life he is apathetic about. A game of potato hockey and a broken headlight lead Douglas to Sam’s workplace. This fluke of fate forever alters Sam’s life. Douglas recognizes a necromancer power within Sam and will stop at nothing to control or take it. Sam is forced to find answers and reach out for help. As it turns out, there are more mythical beings in the world and in his family, than Sam ever thought possible.

This novel is perfect for reluctant male readers. The snide humor and crass way of life appeal to readers who simply cannot connect with other standard styles. This novel is smart without flaunting it. *Note there is a pretty graphic sex scene in this book, and the main werewolf character Brid spends a good part of the book naked. This may be romance for some people, not me–but pretty girls and whatever.
Rating: One Unicorn

Tales of the Madmen Underground by John Barnes

4906766Ever since grade school, Karl Shoemaker has been labelled as a psycho. He is a part of a group of students that is required to visit the school counselor. Karl is done with that identity and that group. He is ready to be normal.

Karl finds that his ability to be normal is severely limited by the facts that his mom is the town’s drunk cat woman, his father is dead, and he must take on the responsibilities of the house by working several jobs. Can Karl be normal, is it really even worth it?Wow, a Printz book I actually liked. So, this novel’s full title is actually, Tales of the Madmen Underground:A Historical Romance. I loved Karl’s cynical attitude and could totally relate to it. His life is a wreck and I just wanted something good to come through. Actually, his life is so completely a wreck that I wanted to throw objects at his mother, similar to throwing popcorn at villains on a movie screen. I am still working through the subtitle of this book, because it isn’t totally the romance book it masquerades as, but more of a growing up and figuring out what you are going to do with your life book. Karl is trying to be normal and to do that he thinks it is important to get a girlfriend. Who knows if Karl really succeeds at what he intends to do (I guess it depends on your view of success…which is not spoilery…I think, because there is still much left to interpret…)
Rating: Two Unicorns

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

The most realistic sci-fi novel I have read so far. Before Travis Coates could die from cancer, he opted to be cryogenically frozen, until science could save him. Five years later, scientists have been able to transplant his head onto another body. Poof! Travis is alive again. This reads like a time travel book, so enough of the things in Travis’s life have changed to the point that he just doesn’t feel like he fits in anymore. Well, that and everyone basically wrote him off for dead, either completely or in their life-time. When Travis tries to pop himself back into his old life, things do not work out as planned. Especially on the love life front. His girlfriend has moved on and is engaged to be married to some other toolbag. She is totally not living the life she dreamed of and Travis just can’t understand how things in her life (everyone’s, really) have gotten so far off track. Travis will win his girl back come “heck” or high water.

This is not your typical romance book, though in Travis’s mind, it is like an epic love story. If you are looking for a twist in this genre, here is a great place to start. This is a great discussion book. 

Rating: One Fairy

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
A shout out to guy romance books would not be complete without this novel. It is like the OG of male POV and it rocks the romance. 

Stargirl is zany, but in an awesome way. When she shows up at Mica High, no one knows what to do with her. At first, her offbeat personality makes her totally likable. However, classmates have trouble with what they don’t understand and turn on her. The bullying gets out of control, so Leo encourages Stargirl to give up what makes her Stargirl and become normal. This novel gets to the heart of individuality and being who you are even when it sucks sometimes. Leo may not have the courage to be himself, but he just may have the courage to love the girl with confidence to spare. 

Rating: Two Unicorns

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