What We’re Excited About: October Books

Happy October Everyone!  It’s a new month which means a new lists of must read books!

Becky’s List:

Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Last year Kaufman and Kristoff wowed me with Illuminae, the story of an intergalactic battle through correspondence, narrative, and wickedly creative graphics, now they’re back with their follow-up Gemina.  This time we’re following the story of Hannah, the spoiled daughter of a space station’s captain, and Nik, a member of a major crime family, when they come together to save their home when the station is invaded.  This book promises adventure, romance, and humor all in a delightfully originally package that moves it to the top of my must-read list.

The Row by J.R. Johansson 
Riley Beckett’s father is on death row for a string of murders.  Seventeen-year -old Riley has spent most of her life visiting her father in prison.  She believes him when he claims his innocence until one week before his planned execution when her father confesses to his crimes.  Riley’s world is reeling and she begins a journey to unravel the truth of her father’s past.  Okay, so here’s the thing…I love a good serial killer story.  I know it’s weird but there is something really fascinating about a good murder mystery (the bloody the better).  I have high hopes for this one; fingers cross it doesn’t disappoint.

Midnight Hour by C.C. Hunter
I have been a fan of C.C. Hunter Paranormal Saga since Kiley Galen got sent away to a camp for “troubled teens” in Born at Midnight so the release of Midnight Hour is both awesome and heartbreaking for me.  I can not wait to revisit the characters Shadow Falls but I really don’t want to read the last book in the Shadow Falls Saga.  However, Hunter is going out on top with delightful teen witch Miranda finally getting her own full novel.  I hope we get to see Miranda come into her powers and decide who to love all while being adorably sassy.

Shutter by Laura Faria Stolarz
Sixteen-year-old Julian Roman is on the run.  He is wanted for the murder of his parent…a murder he claims he didn’t commit.  Teen photographer, Day Baker, meets Julian and is drawn to him immediately but the more time they send together the more Julian’s alibi begins to unravel.  Can Day trust Julian or is he as dangerous as everyone believes?  I loved Stolarz’s “Touch” series which was a perfect blend of romance and suspenseful mystery and her “Dark House” series was just plain creepy so I’m looking forwarded to a mind-twisty mystery with just the right amount of romance.

My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill 
High school student Dee Wilkie just got the perfect summer job: being a PA on the set of a movie starring teen pop star Milo Ritter.  Dee is thrilled to be working on a major motion picture but Dee doesn’t expect to get to meet the movie’s star, heartthrob she’s had a crush on since eighth grade, but she does and he’s definitely not the prince charming.  However, after a few encounters with Milo, Dee begins to realize that there may be more to the boy then what she always saw on the movie screen.  I love books about regular people and celebrities falling in love and this one promises to be chocked full of Hollywood swoonynees.  Plus, Morrill knows how to right a classic teen fluffy romance which makes this a must read for October.

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Sarah’s List:
There are so many great books coming out in October! My Unscripted Life has been on my TBR shelf for months! Several of my favorite authors (P.C. Cast and A. S. King)  have books coming out. Things were starting to look pretty bleak in September. The internet scouring went to a whole new level. However, this month, it was hard to decide what books to include on which platform. Many of our upcoming vlogs are going to feature great October releases and those that we couldn’t squeeze in (or agree to read-we have differing tastes if you haven’t noticed and there are some authors/books one or the other of us simply cannot *read, will not* spend time with) are here on the blog. I am equally excited to read both lists.

Black Flowers, White Lies by Yvonne Ventresca
28695529Ella Benton’s father died in a car accident before she was born, or that is what her mother leads her to believe. Ella has continued to seek out connections to her father, especially because she believes there is something tying them together supernaturally. Recently, she has uncovered new information that challenges what she has always held true. Her father may have died in a psychiatric hospital, not in a car accident. Soon, Ella believes that her father is reaching out to warn her from the grave. Ella may not know who or why, but her life is starting to unravel. Questions of sanity vs. supernatural begin to enter the picture. Is Ella having a psychotic break like her father?

I am so glad I uncovered Ventresca! This is her second novel, the first was about a pandemic, and entitled Pandemic. I am obsessed with TEOWAWKI, if you haven’t noticed. This author seems to be putting out books that speak to my reading wavelength. This book looks to offer enough creepiness to fit into my October mood, without totally freaking me out. Thanks Ventresca, now my TBR shelf has grown by one more book. I will never make it through my list of 389 books…

Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

28591281I have been waiting for this book ever since Cast held the online contest asking readers to help her title her new series. I am both ready and not ready to move to a new series. House of Night is over and needed to be over, as the series progressed the characters and plot became less and less likeable, as well as, less and less original. However, I am not done with Partholon series. I will continue to wait for more of these (I doubt it will happen, but a girl can dream). I am torn about a new series because I was hoping to finish an older favorite, but I have read all but one of Cast’s books, so I do not expect to be disappointed.

The new series brings in many of the old themes, but I am ready for it. In Moon Chosen, humans are tied to their animal familiars and the earth. The main character, Mari, is a powerful healer, who is waiting for her familiar before truly taking on the task. However, while waiting, the earth is attacked and all but destroyed. Mari will need to lean on other (probably sexy) characters to help her. As with the other books Cast has written, I expect there to be a female deity who interacts with the story, I expect beautiful spell poems, and I expect racy scenes that are more appropriate for older teens/new adults. I am ready and waiting for this new journey in this new world.

Messenger by Carol Lynch Williams

25492876Carol Lynch Williams is currently holding several spots on my TBR shelf with her realistic fiction books. She writes about the controversial issues that grab my attention and hasn’t disappointed. This novel includes a supernatural twist, where the main character, Evie, can talk to the dead. I love books about mediums! Evie, like any other sane person, tries to ignore the voices in her head, essentially her gift. However, the dead begin talking louder and more persistent than she can ignore. I am super excited to see how this savvy supe comes into her own.

Speed of Life by J. M. Kelly

28114594Ultimate goal=graduate from high school. Crystal and Amber come from a family of high school dropouts and they are determined to be the first to graduate. However, things don’t go as planned when one gets pregnant (description is vague on who, so I am wondering if this plays into a plot twist). The two work hard at after-school jobs and at school to keep money coming in and their grades high.  Crystal is given the opportunity to attend college, but is torn between the bond with her sister and her desires for her future. This is Kelly’s first book and I am excited for the possibilities. This book feels wonderfully angsty. Plus, the compelling mixture of the cover and summary are pushing this book to the top of my TBR pile. Bring on the drama!

If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson

29074768While we are on the top of angsty books, If I Fix You promises to be a read-a-like for Sarah Dessen fans. This is Johnson’s first novel, so those are some pretty big shoes to fill (considering Dessen is a YA titan). After Jill’s mother leaves through a post-it not, she is left to go on living her life. Jill knows why her mother left, but the secret becomes more than she can share with the people around her. Soon a boy enters the scene, who is just as damaged as Jill. Perhaps, they will find in each other the path to healing. Tragic/difficult romances are also in my reading sweet spot (# my love of The Problem with Forever, need I say more). I am excited for the new talent that will be gracing our shelves in the next few weeks. 

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