Books for The Walking Dead Fans

Hi All!  Tomorrow, October 23rd, is what many of my friends consider a holiday more important than the one on October 31st.  This holiday, of course, is the return of “The Walking Dead”.  Yes, the season 7 premiere of the AMC show is a much awaited event that I have decided to mark with a list of books that may help you celebrate this auspicious event.  These are books that feature zombies, post-apocolyse world, and/or people banned to together to survive a supernatural threat.

White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter
What it’s about: After Ali Bell’s family is killed she is sent to live with her grandparents in a small town where she encounters a paramilitary group with the goal to rid the word of evil entities that feed off of peoples souls.

How is it like TWD? The book is about a group of people banning together to defeat creatures that they refer to as zombies…sounds kind of familiar.

How is it different than TWD?  The White Rabbit Chronicles focus on teenage Ali.  There is a lot of YA angst in the series including: boy problems, friends problems, and parent/guardian problems.  It’s kind of like crossing The Walking Dead with a copy of Seventeen magazine.

Bottomline: I loved this series.  Ali was sassy and she totally kicks zombie butt.  Plus, her romance with zombie hunter Cole is both sweet and sizzling making them a totally swoonworthy.  Adding to the fun is a wacky and delightful cast of secondary character (especially Ali’s BF Kat) who bring the funny and the action. The whole series is wonderful blend of action, horror, humor and romance that I highly recommend.

Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow

What’s it About: Dru Anderson has spent her childhood helping her father hunt the undead.  Then one night Dru’s father comes back as one of the undead.  Dru escapes him and goes on the run where she finds a group of people trying to defeat the undead.

How is it like TWD? This is a dark story about people trying to defeat the undead.  There is a sense that no one is safe and that anyone could die at anytime which I think is one of the best things about TWD.

How is it Different than TWD? This story is told through Dru’s perspective so there is definitely a teen girl slant to it.  There is some “Does he like me?” and “Where do I belong?” questions that doesn’t make an appearance in The Walking Dead.

Bottomline: The series is great for someone who wants a dark paranormal romance that is not focused on the romance.  There is a bit of a love triangle but at no point is it focus of the series.

Ashes by Isla J Bick
What’s it About: Seventeen-year-old Alex was in the wilderness when the electromagnetic pulse hit. Suddenly, birds fell from the sky, all electronics were destroyed and some people were turned into mindless cannibals.  Alex is joined by ex-military Tom and eight-year-old Ellie as they try to find away to survive in this new world where you never know who to trust.

How is it like TWD: This book is dark and bleak.  “Ashes” takes place in a world where the worst enemy in an apocalypse is not the evil supernatural creature but the humans which I feel is a major theme in TWD.  Also, this is about a small band of people teaming up to try to survive which is very TWD.

How is it different than TWD: This is very much an issue book.  All of the characters have major drama that has impacted how they were impacted by electromagnetic pulse and how they deal with the fallout.  It does have danger and zombies like TWD but it also has a lot of teen aghast mixed in.

Bottomline: This is a very creepy book.  It’s filled with spooky moments that at times border on gross.  I was totally drawn in however I had absolutely no desire to finish the trilogy.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

What’s it About: In a future world where everyone must live under domes to survive Aria, a teen girl, is exiled from her home.  She is sent out into the unknown world filled with savages and cannibals.  She is alone until she meets Perry, a surprising kind and brilliant outworlder who protects Aria as they begin to develop feelings for each other.  Can they survive the dangers of this new world and find love?

How is it like TWD: I will admit this may be a stretch but I just really liked this series so here are my points.  Similar to TWD the main character suddenly find herself in a world that is familiar while also being new and dangerous.  The characters must decide who they can trust and who they can not trust like in TWD.  Plus, there is the danger of being killed and becoming something or someone’s food just like in TWD.

How is it different than TWD: This book is very much about Aria trying to find her origin story.  She never knew her father and she needs to know where she came from.  Plus, there is an ongoing “can they overcome their difference and be together” storyline which I doubt made it’s way onto TWD.

Bottomline: I loved this whole series.  The characters were much better developed than many of the recent fantasy dystopias.  I felt invested in Aria and Perry’s story from the first page; the adventure and the romance grabbed me immediately and I was hooked.


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