Holiday Buying Guide: Day 1-Cookbooks, Coloring Books, and Much More!

That time of year is upon us.  You know what were talking about.  It’s barely the first week of November which means that it time to start your holiday shopping.  We have a week of nerdy, YA fabulous or just plan book awesomeness gift suggestions to give to the book nerd in your life.  But first a disclaimer: all of these items we found online and while we are bringing them to your attention and providing a link we are in no way endorsing, associated with, or profiting from these items.

Coloring Books

Almost every popular YA series now has it’s own coloring book.  The prices range from around $10 to around $20 and are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.   Here are a few of our favorites (and yes we have totally bought a few of these).



Just like with the coloring books almost every popular series has their own cookbook (authorized or non-authorized).  All of the books cost less than $20 and all are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  


Cake Pan

And if the cookbooks don’t fill your culinary nerdy needs we found this cool book cake pan on Amazon.  


Anyone who is a hardcore reader knows that you can never have too many bookmarks.  However, while we may be willing to use almost anything as a bookmark (losing lottery ticket, scrap of fabric, junk mail…etc.) we truly appreciate a cool bookmark.  Here are some of the one we found.

 Felt Mouse Bookmark at CozyMilArt on etsy
Lightmark at                                                   

The Lightmark cost $12 and the Felt Mouse bookmark is $27.


We book nerds like to flaunt our nerviness in all ways possible and that includes carry obvious nerdy coffee mugs. has an entire line of literary mugs that range in cost from $10-$15.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Nothing goes along quite as well as spending an afternoon reading as a nice hot cup of tea and Novelteas has an entire line of book themed tea products.  The their products rang from $14-$30.  My favorite is:

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