Holiday Buying Guide: Day 3-Candles, Art and Lunch Boxes!

Welcome to our third day of gift giving mania.  Today we’re going to share a lot cool stuff we find on etsy and few other cool tchotchke. Remember: all of these items we found online and while we are bringing them to your attention and providing a link we are in no way endorsing, associated with, or profiting from these items.

The Melting Library

The person who run this store is just brilliant.  They have custom candles based on your favorite book character.  The candles cost $14.50.  A few of my favorites are:
Trees Speak Latin: Oak Trees, Moss, and Rain
Inspired by “The Raven Cycle”
The Night Court: Jasmine, Salty Breeze, Rain, and Citrus
Inspired by “The Court of Mist and Fury”

Jules: Cloves, Soap and Salt
Inspired by “Lady Midnight”


Fandlemonium offers it’s own variety of literary character candles.  Their candles start at $18.50.  Here are a few fun options:

Bookish Jackpot 

The Bookish Jackpot etsy story has a variety of cool minimalist art inspired by book cover.  This is just one example:


Have you ever wanted a map of Narnia? How about a guide to Middle Earth?  The fine people at FanArtprint have got just what you’re looking for and they start as low as $13.  Look at the details in this Narnia print.


Litographs offers a whole line of incredible book inspired art.  They offer everything from children’s books to classics and cost around $24.  However, we hold a special place in our hearts for this “Cinder” print:

Novel Adornment 

Novel Adornment’s etsy store put a new spin on bookish Christmas tree ornament.  Instead of using the book for inspiration they used the book as part of the material of the ornament.  The ornament start at $5 and are perfect for any book lovers.  Check out their “Wrinkle in Time” ornament. 

Lunch Boxes

One of my favorite things to collect are old school metal lunch boxes.  My most coveted boxes are the funky, unique designed.  All of these boxes can be bought through Amazon and cost less than $15.

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