Holiday Buying Guide: Day 5 for the Writers and the Mystics

Day 5, so just take all of these gift ideas in stride. It isn’t a big stretch to go from an avid reader to an avid writer, so here are some ideas for budding authors. I have also included some mystical gifts that will surely add some magic to any reader’s life. Remember: all of these items we found online and while we are bringing them to your attention and providing a link we are in no way endorsing, associated with, or profiting from these items.

Journals                   Silver Heart Locking Journal
Lego Journal, with included building base plate:                      Silver Heart Locking Journal:
Lego: $12.99                                                                              Rogue Journals: $36

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Notebook: Moleskine: $24.95 (not available yet, but you can be notified when it comes out).

Writing Utensils
Your favorite person will need some awesome writing instruments to truly get everything out or their notebooks. 

Looking For Alaska Wrapped Pencil Set                       Simply pull the ends of the TelePen to expand the telescoping tubes.
Looking for Alaska Pencils:                                       Telescoping Key Chain Pen: Vat 19: $7.99
Etsy, Bouncing Ball Creations: $10

Mystical/Magical Gifts

Raven’s Prophecy Tarot Cards: $19.94
Shadowhunter Tarot Cards
Shadow Hunters Tarot Cards: TopatoCo.: $20


House of Night Oracle Cards: Kristin Cast Website: $12.95

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