Holiday Buying Guide Day 6: Build your personal library, action figures and randomness

Hello Day 6! Is the book lover in your life trying to get their own library up and running, or just need some affordable items to round out your gift? Today’s items are here to help.  Remember: all of these items we found online and while we are bringing them to your attention and providing a link we are in no way endorsing, associated with, or profiting from these items.

Basics needed for a personal library 
Personal Library Kit: House 8810: $15.00

Personalized Embosser: Horchow: $26.00

 Totally own this wallet and love it!
Zipped Pouch - Pride and Prejudice 
Pride and Prejudice Wallet: The Literary Gift Company: £10.95

Set of Magnets
I Read YA - Ceramic Tile 4-pc. Refrigerator Memo Magnet Set Magnets - Young Adult Books Phrases Swoonworthy
I Read YA: Etsy, The Quoted Page: $10.50  

Book Weights
So that your favorite reader can multitask!
Thumb Thing (a reading ring) Pageholder & Bookmark SMALL (set of 3-assorted colors)
Thumb Thing: Amazon (on Prime): $6.95               Personalized Book Weights: Miles Kimball: $9.99

Pop Figures

Just for fun and nearly unattainable, BOOK TENT!
Fully Booked Camping Tent: Field Candy: $265.00

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