Holiday Buying Guide: Day 7-Give the Gift of Reading!

We have reached the final day in our Holiday Buying Guide.  Today we are going to share ways to give the gift of books to your loved ones and more.   Remember: all of these items we found online and while we are bringing them to your attention and providing a link we are in no way endorsing, associated with, or profiting from these items.

Books by Mail

We found two companies that will delivery to your doorstep a new YA book accompanied with a bunch of  book related brick-a-bac.

Uppercase which cost $23/month plus shipping.  Here is an example of the monthly shipment:

OwlCrate which is $29.99/month plus shipping.  Here is an example of the monthly shipment:


Audible has gift memberships available.  Three months start at $45 and you can purchase up to a one year membership which runs $150. has a similar program but you can give as little as a one month membership for $14.95 and up to a whole year for $149.50.

Give Back

DFTBA: Project for Awesome is a annual fundraiser that gives money to several charities which the vlogbrothers help coordinate.  For those of you who are not YA readers that means it’s connected to John Green.  
We Need Diverse Books is an organization that helps promote diverse books and works to promote diverse books and help get them into classrooms.
The Friends of the Library is basically the library boosters and a great way to give back to your community.  You can check with you local library to find out how to give to the local Friends of Library group.

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