What’s Your Sign: Sagittarius Books

Happy Birthday to all you Sagittarius out there!  If you are born between November 22nd and December 21 (which I happen to be) you fall into this group known for being generous, idealistic, having a great sense of humor, a love of travel, and being outdoors however they can be impatient, say basically anything that pops into their heads and are not necessarily detailed orientated.  Here are some books that might be right up your reading alley.

Summer of Super Novas by Darcy Woods
I picked this book for two very good reasons.  First, it’s the story of Wilamena Carlise who is idealist about love and is looking to find her perfect match which according to the star charts that guide her life was born under the Sagittarius Star Sign (see right there is my second reason for picking this book: it’s about a Sagittarius…kind of).  However, Wilamena meets the perfect boy and he not only born under the the wrong sign he is born under her less compatible sign.  Can Wilamena forsake her star chart for true love?

This book is a super cute fun read that plays with ideas of destiny and fate.  It will make you want to throw your horoscope out the window and give into you true instincts.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Emma Carstairs is many things. She is a Shadowhunter.  She is a protector of her friends.  She is a warrior.  And she may be in love with her best friend, Jules, which is forbidden.  Emma must decide how she feels about the boy who has always been there while trying to solve a string of recent murders that may relate to her parents death.

I am a big fan of Cassandra Clare books.  I like that they are just a quick (even if they weigh in at almost 700 pages) fun read.  Emma is the perfect portrayal of a Sagittarius.  She is idealistic about being able to defeat any big bad and idealistic in her love for Jules.  Also, she is not necessarily good at details and on more than one occasion goes running head first into danger without thinking about the consequence.  A classic Sagittarius indeed.

Splintered by A. G. Howard
Alyssa Gardner has always been the odd one out.  Her mother has been in an insane asylum since Alyssa was a little girl and she creates macabre art out of bug corpses which means she doesn’t have a lot of friends.  However, Alyssa’s life changes when she follows a white rabbit in Wonderland where she learns the truth behind the “Alice in Wonderland” story and how it entwines with her family history.

I truly believe this book is going to become a YA classic.  Howard’s debut novel is funny while filled with adventure and having just the right amount of romance.  I loved Alyssa and both her male suitors; the very human Jed and the very Wonderland Morpheus.  Plus, this book is all about travel…even it if’s to pretend world not to mention Alyssa’s journey through her past.

Seth’s Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto by Eric Luper

Seth Baumgartner’s life is going downhill fast.  His girlfriend just dumped him, he saw his dad on a date with a woman who was not his mother, and he just lost another job.  However, everything starts to look up when Seth starts a podcast where he explore what love is.  Seth is joined on his journey by his best friend’s sister, Audrey, who may hold more of his answers to his romance problems than he realizes.

I found this book laugh out loud funny however many people apparently (at least according to Goodreads) don’t agree with me.  I have decided that maybe it takes a certain sense of humor, possibly the kind born under a certain astrological sign, to appreciate it’s awesomeness and that is why I present here to the world of Sagittarius.

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.
Many people have heard the story of Lady Jane Grey; the teen girl who was placed on the throne of England after Henry the Eighth’s only heir died.  Jane Grey was queen of England for nine days.  But you can only learn about the true conspiracy rocking England at this time in the wonderful book “My Lady Jane” which was, of course, the rise of shapeshifter.  This segregation in England began to break down the society andJane and her new husband, who just happens to be shapeshifter, must try to save the English empire and it’s people from the unfair reign of her cousin Mary.

This book hits many of the Sagittarius requirements.  First, it’s funny.  There is literally a disclaimer at the beginning of the book where the author’s apologize to what they are doing to history.  Second, Jane is wonderfully idealistic.  She is trying to save her cousin, and her husband, and her country.  Plus, there is a lot of time spent in the wilderness.  So, basically a lot of Sagittarius traits tied together in a delightful historical fiction package.

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