The Grift of the Magi Review or My Birthday Gift From the Universe

I love when there is a movie that I’m dying to see or book I really want to read is released close to my birthday like a magical gift from the universe just for me.  So imagine my birthday karma joy when I found out that “The Grift of the Magi” by Ally Carter was released just one week before my birthday.

Yes, it’s true just in time for the holiday season the entire “Heist Society” team is back!  “The Grift of the Magi” picks up shortly after “Perfect Scoundrels” concluded.  Teenage criminal mastermind Kat Bishop is still trying to figure life out.  She is still part of a major crime family but she is still longing for a normal life.  However, normalcy is put on the back burner when an old acquaintance from Interpol recruits Kat to recover a Faberge egg that was to auctioned off for a charity.  Of course, to complicate things even farther the charity just happens to be founded by a Hazel Hale the billionaire business woman who left everything to her grandson the charmingly roguish b W.W Hale V who also just happens to be Kat’s boyfriend.   Hale wants revenge on the person who is trying to damage his grandmother’s legacy and Kat want to protect Hale from himself so the two team up with Kat’s cousin Gabriella to uncover the scam and recover the egg in time to save Christmas.

This novella has everything a fan of Carter’s series could possibly want.  The story is quick and the mystery is fast paced.  It starts on page one and doesn’t let up until the last page.  The story is wonderfully twisting with just the right number of surprises and red herons to make it believable but exciting.  The character are all back in top form.  Hale is charming and dreamy, Gabriella is sassy and just a wee bit manipulative, and Kat is back as the brains and the heart of the operations.  These are characters just as you remembered them but there is also a shadow of growth cast over.  Kat and Hale are learning how to trust, Gabriella is working through family issues, and the whole group is still looking for where they fit into the world.  It is that balance of the unbelievable and the realistic that has made me such a fan of Carter’s novels.  These are characters that you feel like you know.  They are flawed and are experiencing the normal ups and downs of teen life while having extraordinary experience.  The story is the perfect blend of teen aghast and adventure and it is a story I highly recommend.

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