What We’re Excited About: December Books!

Happy December!  It is one again time for us to share with you the new books that have move straight to the top of our to read list.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we will!

Becky’s List

Forever, Again by Victoria Laurie
Release Date: December 13
Lily Bennet has just started a new school in her junior year which makes her school experience is pretty miserable until she meets Cole.  But Cole’s family has a dark legacy.  Twenty years before Cole’s uncle, Ben, had been murdered by his girlfriend, Amber, before she killed herself. Lily immediately feels a connection to Amber and the more she learns about the murder the more she begins to question what actually happened that night in 1985.  This book looks like it has everything: a murder mystery, a romance, high school angst, and family drama.  Plus, I completely loved Laurie’s last YA novel “When”.  I have high expectations for this one so here’s hoping it can live up to it.

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom
Release Date: December 29
Mel Hannigan is in mourning.  She is mourning her brother who recently died.  She is mourning her former life.  She is mourning her former friendships.  Mel has decided to lock her heart away; not letting herself feel for anyone just to protect herself.  But when someone new come into her life she may not be able to hide from her feelings anymore.  I would have read this book for no other reason that I was completely “wow” by Lindstrom’s first book “Not If I See You First” but after reading the description this book sounds like the perfect blend of heartfelt personal growth, romance, and family drama that will have me begging for more.

Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter
Release Date: December 27
Grace Blakey is keeping a secret.  The most dangerous secret of her life.  Hundreds of years ago the royal family of Adria was killed.  Except one member of the family did not die and Grace is a descendant of that survivor.  If the truth comes out Grace may inherit the throne but that may be the end of her family and friends.  YAY! a new Ally Carter book which is enough to get me to read it.  Plus, I need to know what happened to Grace.  Will her family reclaim the throne?  Will she fine love?  Are her friends and family safe from the bad people who are trying to keep a dangerous secret?  I just really need answers and I can’t wait to get them.

Alterations by Stephanie Scott

Release Date: December 6
Amelia Blanco has spent her life watching the Laurenti family.  The Laurenti family is wealthy and famous and Amelia’s family work for them.  When Amelia gets a month long internship in New York she returns to the Laurenti house with a confidence and style that attracts both Laurenti brothers.  Can Amelia find happiness with Ethan the charming brother she has always loved from afar or his older brother, Liam, the computer genius who may see something special in Amelia?  I love a good love triangle and this book will definitely deliver a very triangle-y romance.  Plus, “Alterations” is being marketed as a modern day teen adaptation of the movie “Sabrina” which happens to be one of my all time favorite movie so this is immediately on my to-read list.

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane
Release Date: December 1
Zander Osborne’s parents have decided she needs to get away.  Zander is being forced to spend the summer at Camp Padua, a camp for at-risk teens.  As Zander begins to make friends with her campmate she finds herself drawn to  Grover Cleveland, a cute boy who may believe he may become schizophrenic.  Is it possible for Zander to find happiness at a camp for self described crazy teens.  I will admit this book got added to my to-read list just because of the title but the description is intriguing.  My psych major self always appreciates a good mental illness book plus a good summer camp romance book may help me beat the winter blues.

Sarah’s Picks

The Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee
Release Date: December 27
25165389Mimosa is an aroma expert who helps others fall in love. There is some reason (not explained by the summary) that if she were to fall in love, she would lose her expert sense of smell. It promises to be a nice fluffy high school romance. I am of the strong belief that there will be some handsome, funny, sensitive guy waiting in the wings for Mimosa. She will need to come to terms with her own identity before reconciling her feelings for this unknown guy.

Iceling by Sasha Stephenson
Release Date: December 13
Adventures with a not-quite-human! Callie was adopted from the arctic and is unable to talk. It is possible that there is more than meets the eye, her sister Lorna travels back to the place of origin to find answers.

Teach Me to Forget by Erica M. Chapman
Release Date: December 2

29526341A story of redemption for a teen girl who grapples with the idea of suicide. Her plans are foiled by a security guard, who is also a boy in her English class. This is a matter of life and death. 

The Secret Life of a Witch by Jessica Sorenson
Release Date: December 27
In this fantasy world, Evalee is a witch with no skill. However, she is desperate to learn, so that she can raise her sister from the dead. There is promise of dead body stealing and romance. Looks to be a quick easy fantasy read. 

Lunar Chronicles Coloring Book by Marissa Meyer
Release Date: December 6

This list would be incomplete without one of the many YA coloring books coming out in December. I can’t wait to get my color on. 

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