What We’re Excited About: January Books!

Can you believe that it is almost 2017?  2016 feels like it just started!  We’re getting ready to welcome in the new year and here is a list of books that we think will get 2017 off to a good start.

Becky’s List
Long Way Home by Katie McGarry
Release Date: January 31
This is third book in McGarry’s Thunder Road series and I CAN NOT wait for it’s release.  Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been addicted to McGarry’s beautifully written dramas that are filled with romance and aghast.  This time the story is about Violet a girl who grew up with the Reign of Terror Motorcycle club but when her father was killed she broke away from the group including Chevy, the boy she loved.  Now, Violet is being threatened and she must return to the group for protection.  I have high hopes for this one and I’m totally expecting it to live up to the awesomeness of McGarry’s other books.

Whenever I’m With You by Lydia Sharp
Release Date: January 3
When Gabi’s parent’s got divorced she is exiled to Alaska with her father.  Life in Alaska feels like a punishment until she meets Kai.  A boy who welcomes her and helps her build a new life.  Then Kai disappears and Gabi must team up with his brother Hunter to follow Kai into the wilderness of Alaska.  This book promises to be chocked full of family drama, cool settings, and a maybe a little romance.  I’ve never read anything by Lydia Sharp but I will definitely adding”Whenever I’m with You” to the top of my to-be-read list.

The One Memory of Flora Bansk by Emily Barr
Now it’s time for a confession.  I love amnesia books.  I will literally read almost anything if memory loss is involved.  So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across “The One Memory of Flora Banks”.  Flora is a seventeen year old girl who has no short termed memory.  She hasn’t formed any new memories since she was ten years old a had a brain tumor removed.  But everything changes when Flora has a memory.  A memory of kissing her best friend’s boyfriend, Drake, the day before he left town.  Flora becomes convinced that Drake has somehow help her make a memory and when he send her an email asking her to meet him on the other side of the world Flora embarks on an adventure that may be the start of a new life.  Everything about this book is yes.  Yes, I want the family drama.  Yes, I want the boy issues.  Yes, I want the travel adventure.  And yes, I will totally read this book.

Sarah’s Picks
Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall
Release Date: January 3rd

28101540This book sounds similar to Nicola Yoon’s Everything Everything, in that the main character can’t interact with the outside world in a typical way. Norah is dealing with agoraphobia and OCD. She has items delivered to her house and does not go out into the world. She begins reconsidering her interactions with the world when she meets Luke. I imagine him to be the cute boy who could turn a girl’s head. Norah doesn’t believe that she is good enough for Luke, but I don’t think she gets to make decisions for him.

I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

26117336I expect some seriously cheesy fluff from this book. I loved Mlynowski’s Magic in Manhattan series, which was like a tween fantasy in the vein of Judy Blume. I believe the quirky funny character is going to come through this novel. Sydney and her best friend are traveling to France for the summer. Even though the two go on vacation, real life doesn’t stop. Romantic entanglements, parental issues, and personal growth all appear to be a critical part of this novel. I can’t wait to kick my feet up and take a trip to another country.  

The You I’ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

30312837I have a complicated relationship with Ellen Hopkins. While I am interested in the topics her books are about, I just can’t get into her writing. I can totally get down with novels written in verse and can have some serious appreciation for them. Ellen Hopkins has just never grabbed me. I will give her another try. The summary of this novel sounds completely compelling. Arielle thought her mother left her and has been dealing with some serious issues of abandonment, which are compounded by the fact that her and her father move from place to place. Finally, when the two are seeming to settle down Arielle uncovers the shocking truth that her mother didn’t leave her but her father kidnapped her. Grab some popcorn, I expect some seriously dramatic things to occur. 

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