Our New Years Reading Resoultions

2016 is almost over and it is time to make resolutions for 2017.  We at Bickering Books decided that we need to make reading resolutions to guide us with our reading in 2017.

Becky’s Resolutions
1. I will not make myself finish a series of books that have gone from being delightful to irritating.  I will knowledge that I do not need to read all ten books in a series just because I read the first book in the series.

2. I am going to try to read outside of my comfort zone.  I will not limit myself to just fluffy teen romances or angsty fantasy.  I will read books that feature characters playing sports or realistic historical fiction. Also, I will make an effort to read new authors and not just rely on my old favorites. 

3. I will read more diverse books.

4. I will continue to read one adult fiction, one adult non-fiction a year and I will add reading one middle grade/tween book a month.

5. I will read the books on my Goodreads to-be-read shelf since 2011 (or the year that I joined the wonderfulness that is Goodreads). 

Sarah’s Reading Resolutions

1. I will continue to write Goodreads reviews for all of the chapter books I read, but I will do it within the month I have read them. (This writing reviews now for books I read back in October is nearly killing me…perhaps this will let me slow down and spend more quality time with the books).

2. I will read 300 books this year, just like the past few years.  Totally following the philosophy of library great, Margaret A. Edwards (YA librarian) who recommended that all (YA) librarians should read 300 YA novels within a year to stay current with the literature. I feel that this philosophy works with all age levels, so I will stick with youth.

3. Finish the Coretta Scott King Award and honor list.

4. Read at least two NY Times Best Sellers for adults each month (this one makes me shudder, but I totally need to force myself to read some adult books).

5. Raise my rating on NetGalley to 80% or higher, which means me and my digital devices need to have a meeting. (I have trouble focusing and reading as fast on digital devices, so eArcs are not my favorite. However, I get that this is where the new stuffs can be found, so I need to just put on my big girl blogger/vlogger pants and make it happen).

6. Regularly updated Bickering Books Facebook, Twitter, and add to our new discussion question feature once a month.

Whew! There is so much to take on, but I am ready to make this happen.


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