Tween Book: The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly

25685200After Sol’s mother and younger sister died, her family moved from the Philippines to Louisiana. As they were leaving, her father married Vea, your stereotypical evil stepmother. Vea is mean and abusive. Things only become worse when Sol’s father abandons her and her younger sister Ming with Vea. Ming and Sol are two halves of a whole, where Sol is outspoken, Ming is quiet. It is their relationship that keeps them thriving.

As summer approaches many new prospects appear, Ming asks Sol and her best friend, Manny, to build her a tree house. Sol and Manny were making fun of the wealthy prep school children, especially Caroline, an albino child. After Sol hurts Carolina, she takes it on herself to apologize and become friends with Caroline. Ming writes to their (possibly fictitious) Auntie Jove, in hopes that she will rescue the sisters before the end of summer.

The writing and the stories were beautiful. At first, Sol behaved terribly that I didn’t want to like her, but I just couldn’t help it. However, as the story progressed you got to see the true character of Sol and understand the core of why she was likeable. I truly enjoyed the characters and the story. I liked how Sol took ownership of her own actions, on her own without guidance. She is a strong wonderful character.

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