Long Way Home by Katie McGarry

In honor of Valentine’s Day I just have to share an awesome romance I just finished.

Title: Long Way Home
Author: Katie McGarry


What’s it About: This is the third (and sadly last) book in McGarry’s Thunder Road series.  For those of you new to this series here is the basic recap… In the town Snowflake, Kentucky there is a motorcycle club known as the Reign of Terror.  The Terror is a legitimate MC that runs a legal security business to fund their motorcycle club lifestyle.  However, they have a long running dispute with the Riot, a motorcycle club from the Louisville that partakes in less than savory activities.  In “Long Way Home” the Riot have target Violet, the daughter of a fallen member of the Terror by kidnapping her and her ex-boyfriend (but still true love) Chevy.  The two are able to escape their rivals and team up to help take down the Riot and end the war between the two groups.

What’s Good About It: Oh, how I love McGarry’s books.  I have been a fan ever since “Pushing the Limits” and “Long Way Home” does not disappoint.  McGarry is a master at writing wonderfully realistic relationships.  “Long Way Home” is filled with fabulous interactions between the teen children of the Terror members.  Their interactions are perfectly heartfelt and entertaining.  Plus, McGarry has always been able to write male/female friendships that don’t have a hint of romance which has always been lacking in teen lit.  The moments between down on his luck in love, Razor and Violet were especially wonderful.  But the character’s interactions aren’t the only that make them extraordinary.  Each of the characters in this book actually experience some kind go personal growth.  There is no stagnating, whining characters instead they are dealt lesson about life that they actually learn from!  However, the thing that made this book rock was the sweet and charming romance between Chevy and Violet.  Their relationship switches from young first love to sizzling romance and it was perfect.

What’s Bad About It: There are a few storylines that didn’t get quite wrapped up.  The author has been very honest that she originally planned to write more story but between a mutual agreement with her publisher this is the last book in the Thunder Road series.  The plot points in “Long Way Home” were all tied up nicely and Chevy and Violet get a happy resolution but I guess we will never learn what happened to Addison which makes me more than a little sad.

Bottomline: This is just a great teen romance.  If you want the swoony romance moments but are also looking for complex characters and intricate backstory then “Long Way Home” is perfect for you.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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