Like a Memory by Abbi Glines

What’s it About:  This is the much anticipated crossover of Glines’ popular Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach series.  The story focuses on Bliss York (the daughter of Eva and Cage from “Sometime’s it Last”) and Nate Finlay (the eldest child of Blair and Rush from “Fallen Too Far”).  Bliss and Nate met in the epilogue of “Until the End” as preteens and then had a summer romance in the their teens to only be torn apart because of an illness and a misunderstanding.  Now in their 20s they are thrown together by fate when Bliss begins to work for Nate’s fiancee.  The two are forced to interact and (obviously) the result is flirting, longing, and many romantic sparks.

What’s Good About it: I am a fan of Abbi Glines’ books becasue they are so quick and fun.  It is the literary equivalent of cotton candy and I love it.  “Like a Memory” was the perfect bit of romantic fantasy to help escape a snowy Sunday.  Bliss and Nate’s story has a hint of sweetness that can only be found in books about first love.  Their relationship has a promise of happily-ever-after, that as a Glines fan, I want to see for these characters.  Plus, I loved revisiting the characters from Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach.  We get to see an older Cage and Eva (still happy and in love) and the now parents of grown ups Rush and Blair (also still living their happily ever after).  Added to that were slight glimpses at the children of other characters from the series.  Preston and Amanda have many terrible sons and Jax and Sadie have a very serious daughter.  All of these piece came together perfectly and made me hope that Glines plans on to continue telling their stories.  I totally envision Sea Breeze: The Next Generation or Rosemary Beach Revisited.

The Bad: Let’s just talk about the names for a minute.  We started with Rush and Blair and Sadie and Jax and we ended up with Crimson and Cruz (actually there were two Cruzs.  Did you notice that?).  It was just a little too much for me.  Plus, I didn’t need all the drama in the Nate-Bliss-Octavia love triangle.  I know there needs to be conflict in a novel but their conflict felt like an over the top unending cycle of pain.  Plus, I felt that we needed just a little more backstory on Nate.  He alludes to some emotionally baggage that I didn’t feel was completely explained.  Were all of his issues just because of the end of his relationship with Bliss in their teen years?

Bottomline:  If you are fan of Glines series this is a must read.  Nate and Bliss have the sizzle that Glines always delivers.  Plus, there are glimpse at the Happily-Ever-Afters of favorite characters of books past.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5  

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