What’s Your Sign? Books for Pisces

Hey fishies of the astrology chart, it is your time (February 19- March 20). Pisces people are known to be emotionally connected and highly aware, which I can completely attest to considering my BFF is a Pisces. This star sign is like the patron saint of the arts, kinda like Apollo was in the Greek heyday. Though be careful around these emotional beings, they can try to play the martyr when they are in a sticky situation.

The Art of Holding on and Letting Go by Kristin Bartley Lenz

This book hit me in the feels and will totally appeal to any Pisces.

Cara, her parents, and her Uncle Max (parent’s best friend) are a family of climbers. As Cara is competitively climbing in Ecuador, her parents and uncle are scaling a deadly sleeping volcano. The adults go missing and the life as Cara knows it ends.

She goes to live with her grandparents in Detroit, where is also forced to attend school instead of continuing to home school. Cara finds new friends and ways to incorporate her old life into her new one.

I found this book compelling and fairly well written. I just had to know more about all of the characters in this novel. I found Cara’s parents extremely irritating, but I think that speaks to the author’s ability to develop the characters. I enjoyed this novel. 

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

18392459A possibly devastating asteroid is headed for Earth in the next few weeks, if it hits, all humans will be dead. Anita, the brain, Andy, the stoner, Eliza, the outcast, and Peter, the jock all examine their lives and begin living in the moment. Anita has always been on the path of following her parent’s expectations, but she decides to follow her true dream of singing for the possible last few weeks on Earth. Andy has never cared about anything and his mother and her new husband take very little interest in him. Andy has decided to find a girl before the end, while also imbibing on many different substances. Eliza and Peter have always been drawn to each other, but last year when he kissed her and was caught by his girlfriend’s friend, Eliza was bullied mercilessly. All four characters’ lives intertwine with each working to live to their fullest dream.

All the feelings. When people are faced with the end of the universe, they tend to let their emotional freak flag fly. Enjoy it, Pisces. I had a great time with this book. I found the characters funny and unique. While the sci-fi aspect was corny, I still had fun with this book. Things get bloody and the ending was not exactly what I would have chosen, but it felt like an interesting mix of realistic fiction and apocalypse.  

This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills
After Sloane’s family moves from New York to Florida, to help with her father’s writer’s block (think Nicholas Sparks having writer’s block), she begins to try to make friends her senior year. After breaking up a fight at a party and angering both of the males involved in the fight, even the one she stood up for, Sloane meets sibling Vera and Gabe. Vera has a huge social media presence and is a complete extrovert. She loves intensely and has decided to bring Sloane into her inner group. Gabe and Sloane rub each other wrong and are constantly bickering, but underneath there may be romantic passion. Sloane finds out that Gabe and Vera’s mother has died and they are still coming to terms with their father’s remarriage. Sloane goes on a quest to help out, but maybe she has overstepped/ is interfering someplace she isn’t meant to.

This novel offers both art and emotions for you Pisces people. I enjoyed this novel. The characters were fun. The drama of the story was compelling and the writing was beautiful.

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