Tween Book: Yours Truly by Heather Vogel Frederick

Winter has been refusing to give up and plaguing the northeast with random snow storms and I thought it would be the perfect time to recommend a book to read while snowed in.  I present to you “Yours Truly” by Heather Vogel Frederick.

Truly Lovejoy is still trying to fit into her new life.  Her family recently moved from Texas to the small town of Pumpkin Fall, New Hampshire.  Her father, a former military man who lost a hand in Afghanistan, has gotten his family’s bookstore back on track and Truly and her family are beginning to feel at home.  Then Maple Madness hits.  The town’s annual maple festival rolls into town with maple tastings, a bake-off and a mystery.  Someone is stealing maple from the local farms and Truly and her friends, the Pumpkin Falls Private Eyes, are going to stop at nothing to find the culprit.

I just really enjoyed this book. It’s everything a cozy  mystery should be with tons of tween appeal. Are you looking for adorable characters? Check! Interesting setting with a zany cast of secondary characters?  Double check!  A mystery that’s complicated enough that you don’t figure it out after chapter one but not so complicated that the ending seems impossible? Check!  However, the real charm of this book is the main character tween sleuth, Truly Lovejoy.  The whole story rest on the shoulders of our six foot tall pre-teen heroine.  At it’s core “Your Truly” is a story of a girl growing up (Truly turns 13!), who is trying to figure out what she wants (does she want to stay on the swim team?), and learning the value of family (Truly has a whole lot of drama with her cousin and her sister).

“Yours Truly” is a fast paced, middle-grade tween friendly book with delgihtful characters and a charming setting that will please mystery fans.

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