What’s Your Sign: Books for Aries

Hello everyone and welcome to the first day of spring!  Today is not only the day we welcome sunny skies and warm weather but it is also the first day of the astrological sign Aries.  Aries is a fire sign known for courageous, confident, charismatic, thrill seekers and enthusiastic however at times they can be short tempered, impetuous and proud.  Aries are known to be good leaders and enjoy physical challenges and individual sports.  They are a complex and complicated group.  Now let’s get to the books!

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare 
In the final book of Clare’s Mortal Instruments series new Shadow Hunter  Clary Fray must enter the final battle against her greatest foe…her brother Sebastian. In a journey that literally takes the Shadow Hunters into Hell they must team up to save the Nephilim, down worlders, and mortals.

Aries Traits: Anyone who has ever read any of Clare’s books know that this series has one of the most confident and charismatic characters in the literary world in the form of Jace Herondale.  Plus, Jace and all of his Shadow Hunter brethern are major thrill seekers.   And let’s not forget that Aries is a fire sign and the titular Heavenly Fire plays a major role in the story.

Flying by Carrie Jones
From my Goodreads: All of Mana’s life she has been protected and coddled. Then one night her mother disappears and she uncovers a major secret. Her mother is an alien hunter and there are evil aliens and government agents out to get her. Mana teams up with her best friend/crush, Lyle, and a rouge government agent to find her mother and maybe save the world.

Aries Traits: Mana is a textbook Aries.  She is all about her cheerleading ways which includes being enthusiastic and charismatic.  Plus, to defeat all the evil aliens she has to be awesome in individual sports such as tumbling.  

The Night that Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt
Eliza is having a very bad night.  The boy, Cooper Marriatti, she was falling for turned out to be a jerk who was using her as part of a game.  Cooper and his group of friends humiliated Eliza.  The same group of friends who have found her secret journal where Eliza has carefully documented all of her secrets including a bucket lists of dares for herself.  Now, Eliza must fulfill her list of dares unless she wants secrets share with everyone.

Aries Traits: This book is all about seeking the thrill of the moment.  Eliza has to overcome her anxiety to conquer her greatest fears.  The whole book is all about Eliza learning to courageous enough to live up to her fear.  Plus, Cooper is all sorts of charismatic and confident that makes him the perfect YA love interest.    

Throne of Glass series Sarah J. Maas 

Calaena Sardothien has spent the last year in a salt mine work camp.  Caleanena is famed for being the best trained assassin in her land.  It is her skill with a knife that prompts the Prince Dorian to to pull Calaena to compete with other killers for hire to be the King’s Assassin.  Can Calaena pass the test and stay alive long enough to claim her prize?

Aries Trait: This is the first book in the popular (and AWESOME) Throne of Glass Series and the whole series is filled with Aries traits.  All of our heroes are confident and charismatic characters who can lead anyone anywhere.  Plus, there is plenty of thrill seeking with all the murdering and palace intrigue.  On top of that Throne of Glass has a wonderfully short-tempered and impetus lead in Calaena that would just as likely kill her foes and she would would to try diplomatic.    

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