Get It Together, Delilah by Erin Gough

What’s It About: Seventeen-year-old Delilah Green’s life is falling apart.  Her mother has recently left her family and their small struggling cafe to move to the big city with a man best described as an academic.  Delilah has encouraged her father to take a trip to clear his mind leaving their business in the hands of his assistant manager…an assistant manager who gets deported right after her father becomes unreachable.  Now, Delilah is trying to keep her family’s business open, get up the nerve to speak to the girl that she has a crush on and try to finish high school.

The Good: There were so many great aspects of this book.  Delilah was scrappy and trying to take on the world in a way you don’t always see with female main characters.  She knows she has witnessed her family fall apart and she is desperately trying to prevent a repeat with her family’s business.  This is not a character sitting around to be saved instead she will work to do the saving herself.  However, Delilah does have several wonderful characters surrounding her to lend a hand.  Her slowly developing romantic relationship with the girl of her fantasies, Rosa, was sweet and felt very true to life.  Gough uses this relationship to not only touch on Rosa’s insecurities but she show that the world is not as accepting as we hope as the pair deals with Rosa’s family’s disapproval over their beloved niece having a girlfriend.  Plus, I loved Delilah’s best friend, Charlie who is both a simple goofy rich teen and a complex boy with surprising culinary skills and a large capacity to love.

The Bad: This is another one of those books where the antagonist, this time the owner of an evil corporate coffee shop franchise, felt a little to villianish for my taste.  They were one evil scheme away from twirling their mustaches.

Bottom Line: This is a good story about growing up and learning your place in the world.  This book is about accepting your family and friends for their shortcomings while discovering who you are and how you fit into the world.  It is about life’s lessons and life’s disappointments and will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Scott.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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