New Adult Spotlight: The Season by Jonah Lisa Dyer and Stephen Dyer

Megan McKnight has one goal in life…to be a soccer star.  Megan dreams of being on the national soccer team and someday going to the Olympics. At no point in her life has Megan ever dreamed of being a debutante. However, because of a little familiar pressure and a lot of Southern tradition, that is what Megan is…a debutante.  A debutante that has to endure a fluffy dress, pointy shoes, and pretentious escorts.  Megan’s life has just become her worst nightmare and that’s before she lands in a love triangle, has brushes with the law and has to master the perfect Texan curtsy.  Can Megan leave up to her family’s expectations and still stay true to herself while possibly finding love?

I am very confused about this book.  First, I found this book in the teen section however this is very much not a teen book.  The main character is in college.  Her friends are considering marriage.  Plus, Megan is in a very adult relationship.  Yep, this book has enough sexual content to make it not really the best choice for the average teen reader.  Basically, the only thing that justifies this book to be included in the teen department is the sassy, pastel cover.  This is an adult romance pretending to be a teen book to try to sell more copies.  This has become a common tactic of publisher and it has become one of my major pet peeves.  However, that is not my biggest issue with “The Season”.  My major issue is that “The Season” is just a retelling of “Pride and Prejudice” but it lacks the charm and romance of the original story and is lacking the charming and interesting characters found in the original.  Megan is not dynamic and is definitely not worthy to fill the Lizzie Bennett shoes.  Both her Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham come off as jerks that aren’t worth her (or the readers’) time.  The story just kind of stumbles around without direction making it impossible to care about Megan and her Gentleman Callers or any of the secondary characters.  The story is familiar and tired and frankly, I’ve seen it done better before.  This book could appeal to Austen fans in particular “Pride and Prejudice” addicts but as an Austen fan I suggest you look elsewhere for your Mr. Darcy fix.

Final Rating: 2 our of 5

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