What We’re Excited About: April Books!

Happy April Everyone!  As we welcome in the first official full month of spring we are also welcoming in a new crop of books.  There are many great books coming out it April and here are just a few of new releases we are excited to read.

The Adjustment by Suzanne Young
Release Date: April 18
In the world after “The Treatment” Tatum Masterson is living in the aftermath of the government removing memories from trouble teens.  Tatum never had her memories altered but her boyfriend Weston did. Weston is back from his time “in treatment” and he doesn’t remember Tatum but the two still have a connection which turns into a new relationship.  When the pair learns of a new treatment that will allow Tatum’s memories to be downloaded into Weston they eagerly volunteer.  However, not everyone’s memories are the same and Tatum’s memories may hurt Weston more than they help.

I am a huge fan of all things Suzanne Young and her “The Program” series was just a whole lot of awesome.  I can not wait to learn what happens next in this universe that may be dystopian but feels so much like it could happen.

Literally by Lucy Keating
Release Date: April 11
Annabelle has a perfect life.  She is a happy teen.  Then she finds out that she is actually a character written by author Lucy Keating and Keating has big plans for Annabelle.  Now Annabelle must take control of her life and write her own story.

This book sound weird but in the best way.  I am a huge fan of Spike Jones and Wes Anderson movies and this seems like the perfect YA answer to the bizarre and fabulous.  It’s promises to be a zany meta adventure that should just be a good time.

Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz
Release Date: April 11
In 1777 Alexander Hamilton met Eliza Schuyler at a grand ball.  The two fell and love and eventually married.  This is proven history.  The exact course their relationship took is unknown and any people (including the delightful Lin-Manuel Miranda) have speculated recently.  This is Melissa de la Cruz’s vision of how their story unfolded.

I have a few reason for wanting to read this book.  First, I am a huge fan of the Hamilton Musical (some might say obsessed) and I wanted more story from Eliza.  Also, I have a complicated relationship with de la Cruz.  Some of her books (Blue Bloods) I really enjoyed but some (Something in Between) I have really, really, really not enjoyed.  I think I’m viewing this book as my own little game of literary Russian Roulette.  This has the potential of being an awesome reading experience or it’s going to me the literary equivalent of sucking air across a cavity in your tooth.  I’m eager to find out which one it is.

Sarah’s Picks

Some months it can be difficult to find books that I am excited about, especially because I am lost in the stacks and stacks of books I am already working on. Last month, I went on this insane eARC bender and now I have several eARCs that will be expiring soon. MUST READ FASTER! (Netgalley, please don’t stop giving me eARCs, I will send in my reviews. I promise.) This month is going to have some great releases. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr
Release Date: April 4
18484793Gem has two dead beat parents and has always picked up the slack by caring for her sister. However, living in this environment has given her many anxieties and makes it nearly impossible for her to have any kind of human connection. Gem notices many people rejecting her in favor of her prettier sister, even their deadbeat dad. After their father makes a promise to blow back into their lives, Dixie cannot wait to meet the fantasy dad she has crafted in her mind, while Gem is just trying to survive the day.

I am currently reading an eARC of this novel through Netgalley and cannot put it down. The emotions are well done and I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the characters react. This is one of those books that you have to plan your weekend around. I have started it before work and I am having trouble waiting for breaks to read. Plus this cover simply looks super compelling, it doesn’t really give a clue as to what is inside, but it looks beautiful.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett
Release Date: April 4

Mink has developed an online relationship with a boy, who happens to live in the same town as her father. Mink takes the opportunity to move to the same town as her online crush, but doesn’t actually tell him. As Mink begins exploring the town, she has to come to terms with her real life feelings and her online crush.

I haven’t gotten very far into this eARC yet, but it seems like a solid fluffy novel. I expect many of the same romance tropes that one would find in a book like this, but I am ready for a fun romance novel.  

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer
Release Date: April 4th 
30038855Juliet has always connected with her world traveling mother through letters and she attempts to keep that connection up even after her mother’s death in the same way. When completing court-ordered community service, Declan discovers Juliet’s letters and begins writing back. A new strong connection begins, but how will these two integrate what they feel for each other through the letters with how they interact in real life.

I really loved the Elemental series by Kemmerer, so I am excited to see what she has next.

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