New Adult Spotlight: Royally Series by Emma Chase

In a country called Wessco there are two princes: Nicholas, the elder brother who was raised to inherit the crown, and Henry, the younger “spare” who has spent his whole life being the life of the party.  Both brothers will embark upon journeys that will lead them to love and their true royal destinies.

30206759Prince Nicholas has spent his whole life preparing to take the throne of Wessco. Nicholas is dedicated to the role he must someday play and ever since his parents were killed Nicholas has been the perfect specimen of royalty.  He is involved with parliament, follows the orders of his grandmother, the Queen, and is beloved by his people.  However, Nicholas has made one serious oversight.  He hasn’t taken a bride and he hasn’t secured the throne with an heir, an oversight that must be resolved as soon as possible.  The Queen has given Nicholas the directive that he must find an appropriate bride and announce his engagement within the next six months.  Nicholas has never gone against his sovereign but when he meets American Olivia, a waitress helping run her family’s failing coffee shop, Nicholas may go against the crown to follow his heart.



Prince Henry wasn’t supposed to have to rule Wessco.  He was the charming younger brother who was just required to have a good time.  However, Henry’s whole life is upended when his elder brother abdicates the throne for love.  Now Henry is in line to rule Wessco and he is miserable.  His life has become stifling and Henry needs a break.  Enter the producers of the TV series “Matched” with plans for a special season of the dating show.  A season staring the charming soon to be king finding love and making one special contestant a princess.  The show offers the perfect distraction for Henry and it’s not like he actually has to marry one of these possible princesses.  However, once on the set Henry meets Sarah, a quiet librarian who just happens to be the sister of one of the contestants.  The two form an instant connection and Henry may be more at risk of losing his heart then he ever realized.

Before I give a fair analysis to The Royal Series I have to make a confession.  I am fan of cheesy romances.  I love all the gooey, ooey, staring into each other eyes lovey stuff, I love when characters meet under bad circumstances but they slowly fall in love, and I totally love when the main romantic male lead is all flawed and seems like a jerk but ends up being all softhearted and charming.  I truly believe that it takes skill and talent to be able to write a truly great romance and Chase totally nailed everyone of my romance requirements.  Each couple is perfectly charming together while still having A LOT of sizzle.  The stories are fantasy but in the best way possible.  What girl doesn’t want to get tangled in a romance with a prince? The female leads are strong and believable and the reader is rooting for them to get their royal happily ever after while the men are the perfect blend of bastard and prince charming.  The whole story was just the right blend of escapism, romance, and realism.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5


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