New Book: Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

Technically this book was shelved in the children’s area, but like I have been saying, my life has become about all things tween. This is a great tween book, which mixes tough physical issues with tough emotional issues, in a way that I have never seen before.

Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

29102841After Callie’s father died, her mother has been on a never-ending cycle of boyfriends and new husbands. The relationships never last long and always end with Callie and her mom moving. Callie hopes that their most recent move will be the last and that perhaps her mother won’t obsess about finding a new boyfriend and that Callie can finally make friends. Things aren’t looking good from the beginning. People at school are already calling Callie a freak and the nice boy she met at her new apartment complex is avoiding her like the plague, just like everyone else. The thing is, Callie dresses in an eccentric way, to detract from the tics she has because of her Tourette’s Syndrome.  Callie has been forbidden from telling people about her condition, because they simply won’t understand. Callie is this close to cracking, trying to hold all of her emotional issues in, while also hiding her tics is becoming nearly impossible.

This was a sweet novel, told through dual perspectives. Callie’s sections in verse, paired with Jin’s narrative are beautiful. It reminds me of a tween version of Eleanor and Park. I loved this book and felt that it addressed issues in ways and in a combination of ways that typically do not occur in novels, especially tween novels. The author uses her own personal experience with Tourette Syndrome to flavor Callie’s experience, which is why it feels so authentic. This book was beautiful.

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