Book Review: Kill All Happies by Rachel Cohn

31823243I was all sorts of excited when I received a copy of “Kill All Happies” through Netgalley.  I thought to myself, “Self this is going to be a fun read filled with humor and all sorts of hi-jinks”.  However, when I finished the book I had changed my tune.  Instead of my elated new book joy I instead said to myslef, “Well that happened”.

“Kill  All Happies” takes place on graduation night.  Our heroine is Victoria, Vic, Navarro recent high school graduate who is planning on flee her small town life to the big city glamour of San Francisco.  But before she leaves she has one simple plan.  She wants to throw the perfect graduation party so she can lure her brother’s best friend into a hot hook-up.  Vic even has the perfect place: Happies, the former amusement park that was once beloved by her community but has since been closed down.  Can Vic pull of the perfect night of debauchery and get her guy?

This book has everything that I usually love in a fluffy novel.  There is a sassy heroine, a fun premises, and just the right level of melodrama.  But it just didn’t work for me.  I never warmed up to Vic.  She was too intense and blasé but never actually likable.   The cast of characters surrounding her felt like cliches of the cool kids who were never developed beyond caricatures and the dreamy boy that she was desperate to be with just came off as a jerk. The actual plot was basically a bunch of people say “Want to party now” and a few people saying “No you can’t party now”.  I don’t demand a book to be brilliant and this premise could have allowed for a fun mindless read except all the zany misadventures culminated into me not caring at all about what was happen.  The only plus in for me was the relationship between Vic and her brother.  Their interactions were limited but they felt genuine.

“Kill All Happies” with it’s interesting premise and time tested author should have become a must read but with it’s lack of character development and slow moving plot the book has definitely found a spot on my skip it list.

Final Rating: 2 out of 5

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