What’s Your Sign: Gemini Books

Happy almost Memorial Day Everyone!   We have just a few more days until the end of May which will bring long weekends, picnics, and the birthday’s of all those people born under t Gemini astrological sign.  For those you not up on your astrological signs these are the people born May 21-June 20.  Gemini are known as the Twin sign and they are impulsive, witty, imaginative, and loyal however they can also be superficial, indecisive and are known to avoid conflict.  For this very complex group of people I had to compile an equally complex list of books.

23524610One by Sarah Crossan
My first book is a little obvious but I’m including it anyway.  I think no Gemini book list can exist without including a book about twins.  This particularly twin book tells the story of conjoined twins Grace and Tippi as they transition from their homeschooled life to going to a public high school.  This book is all about the two growing up and growing apart while trying to decide if they should under go a very dangerous surgery that would separate them.   But it’s not just an awesome Gemini book because of the twin aspect.  The book also focuses on their fierce denotation and loyalty to each other.  Plus, Crossan used imaginative page layout to tell the story.  Basically, this book is chocked full of Gemini-ness.

Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols12989112
Okay, I admit this one maybe a little bit of a reach…but I just really like this book!  Leah Jones doesn’t have much going on in her life.  Her mother is completely MIA, her classmates have labelled her as trash, and she’s lacking friends.  But she does have a job at the local airstrip where she meets Mr. Hall a kind man who owns a banner flying business.  Mr. Hall takes Leah under his wing and teaches her to fly and she finally finds peace.  But when Mr. Hall passes away and his sons inherit the company Leah may lose the only thing that makes her happy.  This book is all about flying which fits perfectly with the Air Sign.  Plus, Leah has a little bit of romance with both of the Hall brothers which fits perfectly into the Gemini’s habit of being indecisive.

29472542All in Pieces by Suzanne Young
Savannah Sutton has been exiled to a school for students with special needs after she stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a pencil. She spends her days at Brooks Academy with her two best friends and Cameron, a boy that may be something more than just a classmate. The only light in Savannah’s life is her younger brother Evan who she has spent most of her life raising but when her aunt decides to try to get custody Savannah may lose him as well.  This book may seem like an odd choice because Geminis avoid conflict however if they are backed into a corner they will totally come out swing (much like Savannah).  Plus, Savannah’s loyalty to Evan fits in perfectly in with the other loyal Geminis.

Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl31423549
Bentley Royce and her family is famous and she hates it. Bentley is one of the stars of “Rolling with the Royces” a failing reality TV show that is her family’s only income. Bentley knows the show’s survival pends on her continuing her scandalous (and faked) behavior.  So Bentley decides to invent the scandal of her lifetime.  One of Gemini’s worst traits is being superficial and this one is all about the superficial.  The entire book is all about what label you are wearing and who can drop the most names.  Plus, Bentley is bubbling over with indecision.  She wants to help her family but she also wants her freedom.  However, Bentley’s Gemini traits move from the negative to the positive when you factor in her fierce devotion to her family which illustrate one of Gemini’s best traits: loyalty.




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