What We’re Excited About: June Books!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!  As May wraps up we look forward to June and  all the new awesome books coming out next month.  Here are our list of Must Reads for June 2017.

Becky’s List
32078787Once and For All by Sarah Dessen
Release Date: June 6
I have to be honest.  I don’t actually care what this book is about. All I care about is that there is a new Sarah Dessen book in the world.  She has been on my “Must Read” list since I was a teen (which was quite a while and many books ago).  Her books are always realistic, refreshing, and slightly heartbreaking. “Once and For All” looks like it will live up to her legacy of awesomeness.  The book follow Louna who is realistic about love.  She has witnessed every kind of wedding while helping her mother, a famed wedding planner.  Louna doesn’t believe in love and a perfectly happily ever after.  Then Louna meets Ambrose a maybe player who wants more then just a fling with her.  Can the two work through their issues to find love? Yep, this book sounds like a perfect example of why Dessen is the queen of YA and I can’t wait to read it.

Liberty: The Spy who Kind of Liked Me by Andrea Portes and Joel Silverman32051722
This book looks like it was written just for me…and I do so appreciate that.  Paige Nolan’s parents were journalist trying to uncover injustice in other countries until they went missing while on assignment.  No one is willing to help Paige find out what happened to her parents and Paige has begun to lose faith that she’ll ever see her parents again.  Then one day Madden Carter, a federal operative, approached Paige with a proposal.  If Paige flies to Russia and gets information from government whistleblower, Edward Raynes, then Madden will find the answers Paige so desperately needs.  This book is filled with spies, intrigue, drama and just maybe a little bit of a love triangle.  Basically, this book is my own special form of catnip.

32492159Summer Unscripted by Jen Klein
Release Date: June 13
Here is a basic fact about me.  I love a good cheesy, gooey romance.  Everyone who knows me know this fact.  I devour a good romance and I have high hopes for “Summer Unscripted” because of it’s perfect summer romance vibe and the fact that I loved Jen Klein’s quirky and heartfelt YA romance “Shuffle, Repeat”.  “Summer Unscripted” follows  Rainie who does not have direction.  She’s not passionate about things like her friends.  Graduation is rapidly approaching and Rainie knows she needs to find her passion.  Enter Tuck, a altogether dreamy boy who is able to vocalize exactly what Rainie is feeling.  Rainie knows that Tuck is perfect and that he will be her direction, her passion.  Then Rainie meets Milo, her cute co-worker with a complicated past, who Rainie may be unable to ignore.  This book sounds like the perfect summer romance beach read and I am eagerly waiting to devour it.

Sarah’s List

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson


Release date: May 30th…so not technically in June, but I am keeping it.

I loved Larson’s first series, Defy, so I have/had high hopes for this series. This book is a take on the swan princess myth (though it must be a myth I am not too familiar with, because I had trouble finding connections). Shortly after Princess Evelayn turns 18 and comes into her full powers, she is unexpectedly thrust into a ruling position. The Dark King has plans for taking over the Light kingdom and forever swaying the balance of power his way. Evelayn must take on her new responsibilities and hopefully save her kingdom.

This was a solid fantasy book. It didn’t knock it out of the park for me like Defy did, but I believe that this could be because I have read an ARC and because it is the first in a series. Larson’s awesome writing style and characterizations are continuously present through this novel.

Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser


Release date: June 6th

I promise that I did not pick this as a book I am excited about because it was written by a Sarah…(though it is an awesome name).  This book is about Caro, who gets caught in the middle of the politics of a pirate and river god feud. While the river god doesn’t want to pull Caro into his world, she may give him no choice.

I am ready to give this debut author a try, with her new novel.


Aftercare Instructions by Bonnie Pipkin


Release date: June 27th

This is about a teen who must come to terms with the implications of having an abortion. The teen’s boyfriend runs off and she must deal with this experience alone. Her boyfriend’s betrayal causes Gen to begin to question everything she accepted about her life and her plans for the future.

I am completely ready for this high emotion realistic fiction book. Plus, it has theater geeks in NYC. I am ready to go.

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