Book Expo of America: New York Books

Bickering Book Reviews will have the pleasure to visit Book Expo of America this year. We simply cannot contain our excitement. Becky has challenged herself to find 60 free ARCs (Sarah is committed to ensuring that Becky doesn’t break herself in the process). Sarah is hoping to find seven more Youtube subscribers at BEA (random strangers, be warned). To really get our trip started off right, we have selected three of our favorite New York books. *squee* New York!

City Love by Susane Colasanti


Okay, so in effort to be honest, I do have to admit that this is not my favorite romance series. However, it is so quintessentially NYC in summer (or atleast what I imagine it to be, since I have never been there).

Before starting college in the fall, Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna are offered the ability to live in New York City early at a college provided apartment. Sadie is going through a city planning internship, Darcy is catching up on summer classes (since she took a year off before starting college), and Rosanna is working with a summer camp. Each girl has a unique back story and set of baggage, but somehow they come together and make each other better. Each girl is treated to her own love interest, some work out well and others not so much. It is your typical fluffy summer novel and totally cheesy. The characters remained shallow throughout, but it is a breezy summer romance, so my expectations were probably off.

Blizzard: The storm that changed America by Jim Murphy


Jim Murphy is a god among nonfiction writers. I love his books! While these are more appropriate for tweens rather than teens, this book was life changing. Even though it is going to be hotter than ever when we are tooling around NYC, I am going to view the city through the lens of this book.

The great blizzard of 1888 came out of nowhere and caught many people in New England unaware. Two stories of snow, below freezing temperatures, and hurricane winds affected New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and many others. This nonfiction book uses personal accounts, photos, and drawings to complement the stories. This book presents a real picture of what life was like during 1888, especially during a snowstorm. While many survived, there were many who died.

This book was supremely interesting! The author made the material interesting by tying it to real people and their stories.

The Juvie Three by Gordan Korman


So I know that not everyone is attacked when they visit NYC, but I have this terrifying vision that I will end up on the next episode of Law & Order SVU. I get it, I get it, this is in all likelihood not going to happen, but I am a drama queen. Here is a book about three young delinquents who are given a second chance.


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