Best of Book Expo of America: Tchotchkes

Howdy everyone, it’s Sarah! Boy, do those publishing companies know how to truly distract a book nerd. As I would steam ahead to get a galley, I would be diverted by a shiny trinket. Basically, these people get me and ultimately, they win BEA. If you plaster my favorite author or title across a gadget, I just have to have it. I pi

Displaying 20170607_222350.jpg

cked up items from BEA and I don’t even know what they do. I am still trying to figure out how this egg shaped speaker thing works and if it actually enhances the sound of my device. While I figure out what the heck to do with my blue egg thing, here are my top five give away items.

5. Olivia Stickers

Olivia the pig is my spirit animal. I will literally take anything with Olivia’s image on it. I have major plans for these stickers.

4. Carve the Mark power bank

Displaying 20170607_222419.jpg

I picked this item up without actually knowing what in the world it was. I grabbed it with the thought of giving it away to the kids in the library. Yet, I found out this little item was not only plastered with Veronica Roth’s new series, it was a portable way for me to recharge my phone. SCORE! I may still pass this along, as my phone actively works to kill all power cords. This was a decent score.


3. Unicorn horn from Penguin

Displaying 20170607_222057.jpgWe here at BB have a soft place in our hearts for unicorns, as can be seen from our rating system. I am also drawn to anything glittery, purple, and pink…this paper horn offers all three. For author signings, Penguin kept track of their lines using workers wearing these horns. I fell in love with this concept and horn. I now prance around the house wearing a ridiculous horn.

2. Magical Misfits top hat from Little Brown

Loved the top hat. I have no typical use for the top hat, but I felt like a baws wearing that hat during the expo. I was in no way a

Displaying 20170607_222446.jpg

baws or even semi-cool. My top hat proved that I preferred to grab the galleys from Little Brown instead of waiting in the James Patterson autograph line. I regret nothing.

1. Penguin notebook

Penguin totally killed it with the free stuff this year. They put out the trinkets and I took them hook, line and sinker. This journal is legit, with an elastic band, ribbon bookmark and thick pages. I love the classic spines displayed across the cover. I cannot wait to write important BB business within these pages. Displaying 20170607_222002.jpg

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