Book Review: Antisocial by Jillian Blake

Howdy all, it’s Sarah!

I was super excited for this book to come out. I haven’t read a book about a main character with social anxiety disorder and was interested to see how a character with this disorder would navigate the world around her. Not only was I interested in that layer of the st

ory, I was also intrigued by a computer hack that exposed everyone’s secrets. Plus, the cover looks awesome. I love the colors and the text pairings.



It is Anna’s senior year, she finally reached the top of the high school social chain by landing a popular jock boyfriend. However, he unexpectedly breaks up with her over winter break and

Anna is lost. She stepped on her friends to get to the top of the social ladder and they are not welcoming her back with open arms, except for Jethro, who has had a crush on her forever. As Anna is navigating her way back to her friends, someone hacks one of the popular kid’s phones and secrets about many of the popular kids are revealed. A

nna has been coping with her social anxiety disorder by using many techniques she learned at the in-patient facility she attended years ago. However, with this new publicity firestorm, will Anna continue to cope with her world?



I really wanted to like this book….like really. However, I wasn’t as completely impressed with it. This felt like a first book. I can see potential, but it wasn’t working for me. I really liked the coping strategy Anna used, where she would think of other safe places…like the mountains in Iceland. I thought these snippets conjured beautiful images. I also felt that the main character’s reaction to the events occurring around her wasn’t as believable. She seemed to take many things in stride, though I would believe that she would have had a stronger reaction to the events and the potential events that could occur.


I tried it, but this book wasn’t for me…though if you really like high drama, this could work for you.



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