Book Review: Brave by Svetlana Chmakova

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

GAH there is a new Chmakova graphic novel and I am only just finding out about it! Where in the world was I!!!! I loved her g.n. Awkward, which then led me down the path of her Dramacon series and I am hooked. I absolutely love everything about these novels. Her illustrations look very similar to traditional manga, but are all her own. I love the color work (in the colored novels). The characters in her Awkward series are diverse, to the point that I even see multiple people like me in them…there are very few positively portrayed fat characters…heck yes! I am totally fangirling over here, but Chmakova is amazing!!!! (I want to add fifty more exclamation points).


brave by Svetlana Chmakova

This is the story of Jensen, whose daydreams overtake his real life. He has dreams of becoming an astronaut, but first he must pay attention and pass math. Jensen has many struggles, each day is like passing the most difficult level in his favorite video game. He has to avoid the bullies and make it through his dreaded classes, so that he is awarded with the Art Club at the end of the day. However, people joke around with him alot (really, they are mean to him and don’t include him) and they totally forgot to include him on the advertising projects for the big art festival the school is throwing. Will Jensen finally find a way to be noticed? Will he gain a spot in the much coveted newspaper club/group?

I loved this book, just as much as the first. I love them in completely different ways, but love them both. I was crying at various points throughout this book…and I cry rarely…like only when that tragic thing happens to Sirius Black…and maybe at the end of Bridge to Terabithia…okay and maybe only a few others (WHAT!? I am not made of stone). Anywho, I was totally sucked into this novel and felt for the characters. I would like to live in this world, thank you. The illustrations are perfect. I loved the dream sequences. I had fun with this book and I can totally tell the author did too.

I want more from Chmakova, new series books, old series books, all of it.

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