Tween Book Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

34790383Hi All.  It’s Becky here.  I just finished “Geekerella’ by Ashley Boston which is basically Cinderella crossed with Otaku I am here it say that it is an adorkable must read.

“Geekerella” is about Elle the orphaned daughter of cosplay royalty.  Her parents started ExcelsiCon which is a convention designed for all fandom to come together and celebrate their nerdiness.  Now, this is a Cinderella re-telling so of course we have an evil step-mother this time it is a southern belle/wedding planner.  Our heroine’s life involves doing her step-mother and step-sisters bidding, working at the Magic Pumpkin food truck and blogging about her beloved “Starfield”.   Her life is quiet and unpleasant and Elle spends her days trying to find a way to leave her indentured servitude.  Then Elle’s blog gets a major boost when she voices her very strong feelings against the “Starfield” reboot and it’s teen heart throb Darien Freeman.  She now has an online following that she never expected and  mysterious boy she communicates with only through text message who may be her prince charming.  Can Elle escape her step-mother for one day to go to ExcelsiCon and win the big Cosplay contest’s prize and maybe claim her prince charming?

“Geekerella” was the perfect blend of fairytale and modern romance with just a dash of sci-fi nerdom.  The characters all fill their Cinderella roles perfectly.  It has just enough “Ahhhhh” moments to earn it’s place in the world of Cinderella retellings but it’s also realistic enough that you believe that this story could maybe, possibly happen.  Elle is scrappy and delightful just like a Cinderella should be and her Prince Charming is handsome and chocked full of charm just as he should be.  The relationship between the two is sweet and swoony.  The whole story comes together in a perfect moment of fandom love that will leave fangirls wanting more and makes it a must read for fans of fairytales and anime alike.

Final Rating 4 out of 5

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